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Spotlight: Thank You

9 Dec

December 9, 2011

One of the pleasures of Mob Week has been that I have been able to sit back and read my own blog as a fan. When I contacted the amazing people who I hoped would participate (and I had not a single no), I knew that each one had a specialty or special talent, but I didn’t know what they would send. Just as you opened the page every day without knowing what the topic would be, so did I open my email. I am proud to say that I was thrilled each and every time. Did I expect to feature a trio of artists, a pair of musicians, and a diverse group that included professional writers and actors? While I had hopes, I really didn’t expect it. Did I expect to feature a treatise on the meaning of pulp? A scholarly argument against the TSA? Viennese legends? The Simpsons? And my very own installment of A Spot of Bother?

No I did not.

And to the readers, and to everyone who commented, I thank you especially, because not only did I accomplish one thing I set out to do- create a sense of community- but I accomplished something I didn’t expect. I got to personally see through a friend’s eyes how much your likes and comments touched her and made her happy. She’d never experienced that level of engagement before. I’d gotten a bit jaded by obsessively checking the stats all day. I’d forgotten how it felt to get that first feeling of acceptance. I’m glad I got that reminder.

On the surface, this week must have seemed like an easy ride for me. After all, I wasn’t worried about coming up with a topic and writing a blog everyday. I had people doing the work for me. Sweet scam, right?

Wrong. The truth is that I worked harder for Mob Week than any week of Imponderables ofrmonth of Saturday Comics. I won’t bore you with the details but this was a lot- a lot!- more behind the scenes work than I anticipated. And suffice it to say that every Mob Week contributor had the patience of a saint for answering all of my emails.

However, I started out talking about pleasure. Dare I say, “But I digress?” I found that besides just reading the posts, I had the unexpected pleasure of writing the intros. Some were longer than others, but all were from the heart and every word was true. I didn’t expect to love writing them as much as I did.

Am I jealous of Jeff Lynch?
Of course I am.

Is Mac of BIOnighT the most interesting man in the world?

Does Joe McTee’s scholarship put me to shame?
Sadly, it does.

Would I make a deal with an evil spirit to write like Matt Cowan?
Where do I sign?

Is Mike Mongello the Number One pin-up artist around?
You’ve seen them, and he is.

Is Nutty Nuchtchas entwined in the world wide web in a way I only dream of?
Big time.

Do I really think Ingrid Prohaska should be required reading and listening?

Does Threedayfish put my mental movie database to shame?
In a big way.

Do I have a spot in my heart for the mysterious Savage Opopanax?
Seriously, we all do.

Should all of you run to Relic Radio and talk to Jim in his forums?
Yes! NOW!

Could I ever hope to out-act or out-entertain Peter Church?
I won’t even try.

And did Jessica May really move me?

Do I owe all of them a debt of gratitude?
And do I owe all of you who visited this site a huge thank you?
Yes I do.

Thank You.

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