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Now Serving Food

27 Dec

December 27, 2011

I haven’t written about Scrappers in a while. You do remember Scrappers, don’t you? The hit Spike TV show, now in its third triumphant season of ratings dominance?  Of course you don’t, it was cancelled after one lousy season. The show featured a bunch of lowlife stereotypes and caricatures from my neighborhood who had trouble making a living as Fred Sanford.

I pass fairly regularly one of the places featured in a couple of episodes of the show, a place called Lolly Tap’s. I’ve never been inside. Today I was walking by and a banner flapping in the breeze on their storefront caught my eye. I liked it so much I had to snap a picture. It was taken from across the street with my cell phone so the resolution isn’t the best but you can still see what I saw. 

Catch it?

Their awning, as always, reads “luncheonette” on one side and “friendly neighborhood eatery” on the other.

Below that is a new banner which reads “NOW SERVING FOOD.”

WTF? They never served food before? What kind of luncheonette never served food? How was it an eatery if they didn’t serve food?

They must have made a lot of money from beer. Those rich Scrappers spent a lot of cash there, as much as $10 bucks, perhaps.

The banner also reads “open 7 days a week.”

At 1pm on a Saturday they were closed.

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