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Late Night Movie House of Crap: A Montage of Santa Claus

25 Dec

December 25, 2011

No formal Sneak Peek this week. Next week will have a new Imponderable, New York Legend, and Saturday Comics. Two final Christmas Reposts will appear on Wednesday and Thursday, and on Tuesday a brand new post will resurrect the specter of the Scrappers.

Please enjoy this presentation of selected Santa Claus appearances. Our first stop is Mexico from the 1959 film titled aptly, if not imaginatively, Santa Claus, which for some reason features Satan.

Back in the USA, here is the aptly, if not imaginatively, titled, Santa With Muscles, featuring noted thespian Hulk Hogan.


Want more wrestlers? Here is Rowdy Roddy Piper beating up Santa. (Actually, that is the legendary Bobby “the Brain” Heenan under the beard. You didn’t really think that was Santa, did you?)

And in this next clip, Santa gets into the squared circle to drop the rock bottom on some punk-ass jabroni. (“Xanta Klaus” from the South Pole. You can’t believe this stuff unless you see it for yourself.)


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