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Sneak Peek of the Week of December 18th, 2011

18 Dec

December 18, 2011

I love that comic, but why are they looking at me?

Oh yeah, they want a sneak peek. And would you disappoint them?

Christmas is coming so I’ve loaded this week with some Classic Christmas Reposts, along with an original New York Legend and a new Imponderable.

MONDAY: A New York Legend about birds, gangsters, and the cemetery.
TUESDAY: “Why We Fight.” A behind the scenes look at this very blog.
WEDNESDAY: A Classic Holiday Repost of an old friend answering some children’s letters to Santa. Know who it is?
THURSDAY: A Classic Holiday Repost of a touching but strange sitcom moment.
FRIDAY: An Imponderable about a little baby born in a foreign country.
SATURDAY: A Classic Holiday Repost of a touching Christmas carol, of sorts.
SUNDAY: A special holiday Late Night Movie House of Christmas Crap.

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