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American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior: Silent Treatment

17 Oct

October 17. 2011

Great, an episode about everyone’s least favorite guy on the show, Jason Pohl. Unless he gets shot out of a cannon or tossed into a volcano I’m not looking forward to this. That guy is insufferable.

Discovery is promoing that “Jason does the unthinkable.” Does he quit? Does he kiss Senior on the lips? I have no clue. I do not go on the net and look for information, I just take it as they air it. However, I do see the searches that lead to this site and since last week’s show there have been a lot of searches for “Jason pushes bike off lift.” So does he push a bike off the lift this week? Let’s find out.

In the first minute, Paulie says he has no plans to make amends with his father. No kidding.

Also in the first minute, Jason pushes a bike off the lift. BUT, he pushes a bike that was being torn apart, and as a joke. Or was it? The clip seemed like it wasn’t serious, but let’s wait and see it in context. OK, end of suspense. Jason is not getting fired.

DeKalb, a corn company that is celebrating its 100 year anniversary, is hiring PJD to build a bike and it will later be auctioned off for the American Red Cross. Yes, another corn company. A scientific corn company. A high-tech scientific corn company. The bike is going to be a sort of old-fashioned design with a skinny backwheel and a wood-style paint job, like farm crates. Paulie must have said “farmer” a dozen times in relation to the bike design.

OCC is working for Cell Buckle, who makes cellphone holders for bikes or cars or whatever. It is a piece of plastic. Later on Mike tried to sell it as a cool product, but it is a piece of palstic.

The Cell Buckle guys did just what Senior needs to make him happy- complained about his son. “Very greedy.” They thought JOe was arrogant and Paulie asked for too much money. Maybe yes, maybe no. They don’t have a huge business, it is a startup. But again, nice product or not, it is a piece of plastic.

Meanwhile, a group of Hawaiian fans (whom Mikey claimed were distant Hawaiian royalty) visited PJD and of course, they had to stick their noses in the Teutul’s business and ask Paulie about his relationship with Senior. I get that fans feel invested in the show and feel entitled to ask those questions since everything with the Teutuls is public, but does Paulie really need random people off the street asking him about his relationship with his father?

Back at OCC, Rick is building a fender on his own- not going by Jason’s plans- because, once again, Jason’s lack of bike knowledge made his plans unworkable, at least in part. When will this guy actually stop and learn what he needs to know to dow his job? OK, maybe he can be creative (and I would debate some of his designs) but if he didn’t kiss so much Senior ass he’d have been gone. How many times does he have to make a bad set of plans before there are repercussions?

“How do you like this bike?” -Senior to Rick
“Eh, it’s all right… It’s very generic.”- Rick
“I’m not unveiling that bike unless its hot.”- Senior
“I was a little taken aback. I take complaints personally. I try to adjust to make them like it.”-Jason

And then Jason started screaming and yelling like Senior on steroids and shoved the bike off the lift. “We’re starting over!”

And then he flipped out for real. He threw stuff around the office, screamed at Rick, and honest to goodness threw a temper tantrum. Screaming and yelling, throwing parts around like a gorilla, going seriously insane. I was sure he was fooling around at first, and senior stood back and smiled at Jason, but it quickly got serious and scary.

“You’re acting like Mikey!”-Senior to Jason

“He needs to get punched in the head. Let’s build some real bikes like we used too.”-Rick.

Rick went on to say that he’s not happy making bikes based on drawings and he liked the way things were done better when Paulie was around. And he was serious, he wanted to punch Jason in the head. He was steamed. Jason was throwing stuff all over the shop and made a wreck of the place. Remember when Paulie was fired and he stormed out? Same thing.

Senior’s response? “I’ll wait for him to calm down and talk to him.”

Even Mike was pissed. There was a lot of work in that bike and not all of it was getting trashed.

As for what happened to Jason? Nothing. Senior laughed and shook his hand. Hey, no biggie.

Here it is, simply. Senior NEEDS TO STOP LISTENING TO JASON, who knows nothing about building bikes and designs bikes that, with some exceptions, kind of look the same, and START LISTENING TO RICK, who is fixing Jason’s bad designs and telling Senior for weeks now that he isn’t happy with the way things are going there. Who is more important? Jason or Rick? One is a professional who knows how to make a motorcycle and the other is an illustrator. One draws unbuildable bikes and one builds bikes. HEY SENIOR- PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT RICK HAS TO SAY.

But I have to admit, this episode lived up to the hype. I only wish Jason got fired.

And back at PJD…
“Hey, we talk to Rick lately?”- Paulie
“He’s ticked off. Jason pushed a bike off the lift.”- Vinnie
“That’s enough to get him fired.”-Vinnie
“With all the fights and arguments I never had the nerve to kick a bike over.”- Paulie.
“Hopefully Ricker can come down here and…say hi to us.”-Paulie.

The PJD guys- Paulie, Vinnie, and Mikey, brought up an interesting point. Over at PJD there has been no fighting and no stress. Over at OCC Rick is getting pissed and Jason is blowing up. What does that tell you?


American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior
Communication Breakdown
Mikey and Senior both say they want to  meet up, but go back and forth about the conditions they will meet under. OCC  uses every last minute to complete their bike for US Biker Law. PJD unveils their bike for Dekalb.

For a second I was sure that was a repeat but it isn’t, PJD is still working on the DeKalb corn bike. So one more time we get to see Mikey jerk his father around. Wonderful. And again, Mikey tries to get Senior to go to a therapist. Are they sure this isn’t a rerun?

An Echo of The Bunnymen

17 Oct

October 17, 2011

Well Halloween is here, and in my book there are two- and only two- classic Halloween costumes.

The first is the classic Superman suit, and shame on DC for changing it.

A close second is the gorilla suit. (Necktie optional.)

Watch any old B-movie and what do you see? A guy in a bad gorilla suit. And that rocks! Gorilla suits are cool. And the worse the better! Want proof? Here are some 1970’s Kung Fu Karate gorillas versus a Bruce Lee wannabe named (heh heh) Bruce Li:


This is why I can’t go to Japan. I will be totally unprepared when thin Kung Fu Karate gorillas jump out of a tree and attack me.

I’d love to make that film a Late Night Movie House of Crap but that’s about all of the watchable footage.

See why gorilla suits are cool?

Totally cool!

Superman is one, a gorilla is two, so what would number three on the list be? A clown? A guy in drag? A black bunny suit?

Gotta be the black bunny suit. Check it out.

Where to start? I have to start with his picture. That guy totally looks like a guy who’d wear a bunny suit and lurk behind a tree. He’s got that John Astin thing going on.

Who would think that a man in a black bunny suit and a tutu hiding behind a tree and pointing his finger like a gun would scare kids? What kind of world are we living in where an obviously normal and well-adjusted man can’t do that without the police being involved? Jeez, this is America, and if a man wants to wear a black bunny suit and a tutu and hide behind a tree while playing pretend sniper at the local kids, who are we to complain? It isn’t like this guy was really hurting- oh Hell, I can’t keep this up.

I’m calling it. This man needs serious help. It is time for him to go on a little “vacation.”

“Falkingham told authorities that he enjoys wearing the suit, but understands the neighbors’ concerns and complaints.”

I for one am glad that the loon is being reasonable about the whole thing.

But as far as I am concerned, and this being my blog I am concerned, this is the only acceptable way of wearing a black bunny suit.

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