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American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior: What do we think of Paul Senior?

2 Apr

April 2, 2012

American chopper is a repeat tonight (Drastic Steps, found here) and as usual, I am in repeats as well. But have no fear, American chopper is all new next week and, although there is as yet no program information, you can be sure I will be back with a new Weekly Rundown.

Meanwhile, if you missed the last episode, it was the PJD Muscle Car Special, and click here to read all about it.

The last time we saw Paul Senior (aside from every week on The Celebrity Apprentice)  he was determined to get back into his son’s lives. Unfortunately he had the worst luck. When he went to Mikey’s are gallery he was not there and when he went to Paulie’s house he was out of the state.

So in the spirit of bashing Paul Senior, I re-present one of the most commented upon American Chopper blogs. As of this moment it has 179 comments, which you can read by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the post. Enjoy this post and  keep those great comments coming. I’ll see you next week!

From June 13, 2011

NOTE:The Discovery Channel does not have any new episodes of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior listed for at least the next two weeks. The Cadillac Build-Off was not listed as a season finale, and season 1 was twice as long as season 2 has been so far, so I think we can expect it back soon.

“Congratulations Junior on winning the Viewer Poll!”

These are the stats as of 7pm Sunday:
TEAM SENIOR: 6, 198 members
TEAM JUNIOR: 92, 042 members

Those numbers only tell part of the story. The vote was reset after some fraudulent bidding was uncovered. At one point the vote was Senior 9,206 to Junior 227,091. That’s about 96% of the vote for Junior. Whatever the final tally, Senior got smoked by Paulie.

Junior’s bike is better by far, but I am sure that Senior lost a lot of votes because of his personality. So the obvious question is, what do we think of Paul Senior?

We already know the answer. Overwhelmingly, through all the comments left on this site, it is clear that no one is on his side. Generally, feelings range from sadness and pity to laughter to contempt. Senior had a hard life, no doubt.  He battled addiction to become and stay clean and has admitted he wasn’t always there for his sons. Through Mikey we know all the damage he’s done to his family. Mikey is the most hurt, or at least the one who shows it the most. However, while he may have admitted all the pain he caused in the past, Senior refuses to see the damage he is still doing now.

I assume that Senior watches his own show, but I also guess that he doesn’t see anything wrong in what he says or how he acts. That’s too bad. For all that he says he loves his kids, he spends ten times as much effort insulting them and putting them down.

It is unlikely that Senior will ever take a hard look in the mirror and see anything wrong, so in the spirit of an intervention, in the very unlikely event he will ever read or hear of this, I present comments left on the site after last week’s post, the end of the Cadillac Build-Off.

He keeps blaming everybody else for his greed.

Sr. is an egotistical ass who has nothing good to say about Jr….always belittling him for his own gain
Get a grip and admit that you are the problem.

Sr cares more about his dead dog than his own son and the only thing Sr can build is a f—-d up relationship with his sons.

Paul Sr is such a jackass.
Sr get over it and move on.

Sr is a bitter man destined to be alone…Before he insults his son anymore he should look at his bank account and thank Jr for the designs that made him rich.

maybe it is time for him to admit he may have a problem.

All Senior did when Paul Jr., worked for him was belittle him in front of other employees and make him clean up their coffee cups.

Senior just wants to be greedy and have everyone think he is the sh#* and make all the money. He thinks he is entitled.

I think he is jealous of Jr.’s talent and creativity. I hope he gets therapy.

One day Senior will realize that he is going to die a lonely man, since none of his kids want anything to do with him, for the most part.

I feel Senior has some serious anger management issues

Sr and Jason sneaking into PJD…them cats need a reality check..someone shoulda shot some rock salt at those clowns!

He should get some professional help for his anger

He needs people who will immediately pick up his pencil when he drops it, in order to be secure in the knowledge that he’s the boss. Otherwise he lacks the confidence to be really sure that he is


Sr. lost a lot of Votes for being such a ASSHOLE-
-Sad- When a man thinks more of a dead dog than his boys !!

I could go back a lot farther, I’ve been doing this blog for a long time. It wouldn’t change anything. I believe I have only gotten two- yes, two- posts in support of Paul Senior. and they were both written by the same person. Senior is surrounded by people who rely on him for work. They kiss his ass and tell him what he wants to hear. Even worse is the fool Jason, who says that Paul Sr. is like a father to him. The only person who gets comments as bad as Senior? Jason Pohl. Frankly, they deserve each other.

I think Rick (he’s cool) should quit and go work for JR., the other guys can ride the sinking ship to the bottom of the ocean with Senior and that goofy looking kiss hiney designer guy with the jack o lantern face and that dorky laugh can pretend to be Seniors surrogate son while his face keeps gettin loaded up with Seniors poop.

Who wants a bike designed by Jason (kiss ass) Pohl or that midget sycophant – Mike Ammirati.

Anyway don’t get me started on Jason Pohl, I cant stand him, constantly brown nosing senior and then has the nerve to bad mouth junior all the time and act like he was what made OCC today. Need to get a grip to be frank.

cheesy bikes designed by a nerd in a little room with no
talent, except to sucker on to seniors rear

Jason and that baldhead cat whatever his name is are two of the worst brown noses that I’ve ever seen

Keep up the good comments!

American Chopper: Junior vs. Senior: Best Pranks

28 Nov

November 28, 2011

BEST PRANKS Nov. 28, 2011
Dummies come to life, spitballs fly and air horns blast in this behind-the-scenes special. But what’s a workplace without air-gun war, scooter jousting and helicopter drops?

You weren”t expecting Jess James this week, were you? Why would you? After all, the Discovery Channel knows that there is a lot of hype about the three-way build off, so why not sneak in a special episode- I mean a clip show- to get some extra ratings?

Don’t worry, the Jess James three-way build off is a two-night special coming up next week in a pair of two-hour specials.

Part One- Monday, December 5th.
Part Two – LIVE! Tuesday, december 6th.

I hope this is handled better than the Cadillac Build-Off. For example, DO NOT make this a fan vote. We saw how well that worked out las time. And please, have a real winner. And finally, do not make the fans wait weeks or months for the outcome. Do it right, Discovery. You messed up once, get it right this time.


I love the way Jesse James says “they” want a competition. Right. This was the Teutul’s idea. Sure. Look in the mirror, Jesse. You need this build-off a lot more than they do.

But as for this week? The best pranks? Here’s one featuring everyone’s favorite ass-kisser.


Here’s another impersonation, though you have to scroll ahead about a minute and a half.


Remember- next week the show is 2 hours.

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