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Imponderable #22: Heber City Utah

21 Oct

October 21. 2011

This may just be a legal term but he was booked for “investigation of failure to stop.” What is there to investigate? Isn’t he being booked for “failure to stop”? He isn’t being booked for an investigation, is he? This is why I hate lawyers.

Anyway, this story just bugs me. It is pretty funny on the face of it, but that quote by the Deputy Sheriff sits wrong with me. “He’d had a bad morning and wasn’t stopping for the cops. It was nothing more than that.”

I suppose he means that the driver wasn’t fleeing the scene of a crime, that there was no bank robbery in progress, no one got murdered, etc, and this is just no big deal.

Here is how I see it. A man has a bad morning, is in a bad mood, and speeds way over the limit. He ignores the police’s order to pull over, keeps going, and gets so angry that he calls the police department to tell them to leave him alone, and then his father to complain about the cops. He is not well thought out. So the angry and distraught driver is speeding and making calls on his cell phone and ignoring the police and this is no big deal?

Would Deputy Sheriff Rigby feel the same way if the driver plowed into his daughter’s car? This driver was distraught, distracted, and speeding. OK, I get that this is not a case for the Major Crimes Unit, but if I were driving on the road with that guy it would be a big deal to me. Take it a little more seriously, Wasatch County PD.

But there is on thing missing from the article.

Why isn’t this man undergoing psychiatric evaluation?

The question is Imponderable.

But maybe they are just more laid back in Utah.

And feel free to add your own “was he driving a white Bronco?” joke.

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