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An Echo of The Bunnymen (Halloween Costume Repost)

1 Nov

November 1, 2013

Halloween was yesterday? No, when Halloween comes out on Thursday, then most people celebrate it on Friday. And besides, Halloween isn’t over until I say it is!

from October 17, 2011

Well Halloween is here, and in my book there are two- and only two- classic Halloween costumes.

The first is the classic Superman suit, and shame on DC for changing it.

A close second is the gorilla suit. (Necktie optional.)

Watch any old B-movie and what do you see? A guy in a bad gorilla suit. And that rocks! Gorilla suits are cool. And the worse the better! Want proof? Here are some 1970’s Kung Fu Karate gorillas versus a Bruce Lee wannabe named (heh heh) Bruce Li:


This is why I can’t go to Japan. I will be totally unprepared when thin Kung Fu Karate gorillas jump out of a tree and attack me.

I’d love to make that film a Late Night Movie House of Crap but that’s about all of the watchable footage.

See why gorilla suits are cool?

Superman is one, a gorilla is two, so what would number three on the list be? A clown? A guy in drag? A black bunny suit?

Gotta be the black bunny suit. Check it out.

Where to start? I have to start with his picture. That guy totally looks like a guy who’d wear a bunny suit and lurk behind a tree. He’s got that John Astin thing going on.

Who would think that a man in a black bunny suit and a tutu hiding behind a tree and pointing his finger like a gun would scare kids? What kind of world are we living in where an obviously normal and well-adjusted man can’t do that without the police being involved? Jeez, this is America, and if a man wants to wear a black bunny suit and a tutu and hide behind a tree while playing pretend sniper at the local kids, who are we to complain? It isn’t like this guy was really hurting- oh Hell, I can’t keep this up.

I’m calling it. This man needs serious help. It is time for him to go on a little “vacation.”

“Falkingham told authorities that he enjoys wearing the suit, but understands the neighbors’ concerns and complaints.”

I for one am glad that the loon is being reasonable about the whole thing.

But as far as I am concerned, and this being my blog I am concerned, this is the only acceptable way of wearing a black bunny suit.

Fun With Teh Internets: Special Batman Edition! (Classic Bat-Repost)

12 Aug

August 12, 2013

It’s summertime, and the living is easy. Too easy. Everyone gets lazy this time of year and Allan Keyes is no exception. So while Keyes is off somewhere doing who -knows-what to destroy our wholesome American institutions, here is one of my favorite Fun With The Internets, from last year’s Batman Week.


from October 8, 2012

We’re going old school FWTI  (that’s Fun With Teh Internets for you laypeople) and doing  5 of the most messed up bat-pictures I could find on the net! But today, instead of my usual commentary, we get a bonus – Batman himself will show us just how depressing some of these pictures are to him.


Number One

Number Two

Number Three

Number Four

Number Five

Mr. Blog wishes he could unsee this. Damn you Keyes!

Here’s a fun bonus from my favorite Batman episode ever! Kowabunga-begorrah!

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