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Sneak Peek of the Week of October 9th, 2011

9 Oct

October 9, 2011

Isn’t that a great film? I love old movies. And I am sure that Hollywood will remake it any day now, because everything old is new again some time. And that’s true at Mr. BTR as well.

We have a lot of callbacks and returns this week. The Late Night Movie House of Crap returns on Monday, and the American Chopper Weekly Rundown continues its long-running engagement right after the show airs. Wednesday will be another installment of The Blog That Was a Decade in the Making, Thursday will be a Classic Repost from 2009, and Friday will feature an all-new Imponderable. All this, Saturday Comics continues with the least likely comic book star ever, and more, this week on Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride.

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