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We Are The Best

28 Nov

November 28, 2017

Recently, I was contacted by a website called We Are The Best, which is currently featuring short videos about Canadian cuisine. This week’s installment is all about wasabi, which Canada produces despite Japan’s insistence that it can’t be done outside of Japan. (Take that Japan!) While looking for a good illustration of a Japanese wasabi farm, they came across Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride and found the perfect photo right on this blog. Here it is, featured on their site, with appropriate bmj2k.com credit in the lower right corner.

You can watch the wasabi documentary right here. Go ahead and click, it’s good stuff and only about 3 minutes long. 

Want to see this picture in context, and other amazing pictures of Japan? Click right here for the original blog post.

Enjoy as Mr. Blog goes international!





A Photo Tour of Japan, Part Two

9 May

May 9, 2012

Continuing my spotlight on my brother’s vacation pics, here are ten more photos from Japan. Enjoy.
You can find the previous ten pictures right here.

Akusaka Arcade

Wasabi Farm


Tea Ceremony

Nagano Snow Monkey Park

Mt. Fuji

Matsumoto Castle

Kenrokuen Gardens

Imperial Palace

Golden Pavilion

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