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Look Who Dropped In For Halloween!

21 Oct

October 21, 2022

Imagine the surprise on the faces of the Editors and Staff of Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride (Home of the Sometimes-It-Is-Almost-Amusing Blog) when there was a knock on the door and a hearty “trick or treat” was heard on the porch. We opened the door and instead of the costumed kids we expected, there stood the prodigious bulk of Tor Johnson Norman Snackmunch!

Last time we saw Big Norman he was trapped in a Burger King during the pandemic and loving it.

Well he’s back, gracing us with his new Halloween message!

Remember kids, obesity is not a joke. Poor Mr. Snackmunch has a life expectancy of about 12 minutes, meaning that he may be rotting in the ground before that poor pumpkin.


Quarantine All-Stars

22 May

May 23 2020

All of us at GOMALCO Industries care for our employees. You know us the company that brings you such housewares as Mrs. Anderson’s Industrial Nicotine For The Home, Do-It-Yourself Crime Scene Cleanup, Quik Baby Nap Inhalable Sleep Powder, and of course, Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride.

As part of our dedication to you, our valued consumer assets, we wanted to check in on the Mr. Blog Tepid Team to find out why the heck they have produced nearly no blogs this past year despite cashing their paychecks, those ungrateful  how they are coping with the recent COVID-19 situation.

We first looked in on the Editors and Staff, and assorted hangers on.

We tracked down BMJ2K “fan favorite” Norman Snackmunch. GOMALCO Industries takes no position on his lifestyle, other than to point out that as an at-will freelance employee we will not cover any health-related expenses, such as gastric bypass or an extra-wide coffin.

Another alleged favorite is Greg “Always Hammered / The Hammer” Valentine. As you may recall, he has not changed his facial expression in years.

Has the coronavirus had any effect on this man?

No it has not

Speaking of unhealthy guys who never change, we tracked down Mr. Know-It-All. It wasn’t hard, we just followed the smell.

Of course, not everyone is having a rough time of things.


How about the rest of our crew? Click on the thumbnails for more.


Allan Keyes could not be reached for comment.

GOMALCO Industries hope that you are doing well in these trying times. If you are feeling overwhelmed or find yourself in need of some help, please consider our line of GOMALCO Fine Wine And Sanitizer. Thank You.



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