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A Trek of Many Colors

26 Jun

June 26, 2021

We all know Star Trek. Captain Kirk, Dr. Spock, Ship Surgeon “Mac” Coy, engineer Scotty Pippin, Fozzie Bear, Jabba the Hutt, Buzz Aldrin. All your favorites!

You think I don’t know Star Trek? As sure as James B. Kirk beat Ming the Merciless at the Battle of Midway, I know Star Trek better than these guys:

Yellow? Those are the classic Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan red uniforms. Mad Magazine, did you let Roger Kaputnik color this cover?

Blue? Now the red uniforms are blue? That’s a mistake I’d expect from Cracked, not a magazine of such journalistic integrity as Mad.

Did I say blue? Sorry Cracked. (And by the way, Kirk and Spock are about to die.)

And lastly, those red uniforms are blue again. Seriously, did Flash Gordon get his zap gun mixed up in the space ship Enterprise’s khyber crystals again? I sure hope somebody got fired for that one!



The Saturday Comics: Obnoxio the Clown

17 Dec

December 17th, 2011

This ain’t your father’s Bozo.

I wouldn’t say I had a misspent youth. In fact, I consider growing up with Mad Magazine, Cracked, and Crazy a classic American childhood. (Yeah, I read all the classics.) But things change. Mad is a shadow of its former self, Cracked is now some weird men’s website, and Crazy? Is it still around? I don’t know.

What I liked about those titles was their subversion. They were edgy, they were a little mean, they were cool, and since adults hated them I loved them all the more.

Which brings me to Obnoxio the Clown. He appeared in Crazy magazine, published by Marvel Comics Here is his official bio:

Obnoxio (real name unknown) is a world-weary man who moonlights as a clown. He has stopped bothering to set a good example for children: he smokes a cigar, he seldom bathes, his costume needs mending, he makes caustic comments, he insults everyone he meets. His only good quality is dependability: once hired for a job, he always shows up.

That does not do him justice. Not at all.

From wikipedia: Obnoxio was portrayed as a slovenly, vulgar, cigar-puffing middle-aged man in a torn and dirty clown suit, with a dyspeptic and cynical attitude. As you’d expect from wiki, that’s even worse.

Obnoxio was the opposite of every clown you’ve ever seen. A drunk, a slob, crazy and cynical, he was every mother’s worst nightmare. Hire this clown for your kid’s party, and the kids would end up knocking over a liquor store before the birthday cake was served.

Perhaps his most high-profile gig was when he took on the X-Men.


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