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Gaze Into Mr. Blog’s Tepid Crystal Ball

7 Sep

September 7, 2014

This is a classic Elvgren painting. You can search this blog for more.

This is a classic Elvgren painting. You can search this blog for more.

September: End of summer
September: Back to school
September: The month before October

Yup. If you run in the circles I do, September means that soon the stores will be getting rid of the notebooks, folders, and pens they’ve been pushing and will soon be putting out Halloween decorations. It won’t be long until bats and ghouls have their way. (And then we’ll be inundated with Christmas stuff, so enjoy it while you can.)

Coming up in October, you can expect some annual features to rear their Halloween heads and rise from their graves for your enjoyment. I’ve already got my Rise of the Pumpkins tickets so a new Picture Postcard with all sorts of amazing pumpkins will be featured. I’ve also already got my Chiller Theatre tix. Will Greg “The Hammer” Valentine be drunk again? I’d bet on it. Guests this year include the Bionic Man Lee Majors and The Soup Nazi. (“Worlds are colliding!”)

And interestingly, Comic Book Men returns on October 12th.

Why is that interesting? Last season, about a year ago, Allan Keyes and I travelled to Red Bank New Jersey and filmed and episode of that show. It’s the truth. Unfortunately, that episode never aired, but if you go back about a year in this blog you’ll see a few posts (cheese shop, war memorial statue, Buddha) about things we did around the shop during a break in filming that day. I’m not sure why it didn’t air (though come October I’ll talk about it) but I’ve been sitting on an Allan Keyes blog for a year. I signed a contract stating that I couldn’t talk about my backstage experiences until the show aired, but I think I’m no longer bound by it, so I’ll run the Keyes blog and my own posts. But here’s a not-so-spoiler: It is pretty fake and Kevin Smith is never there. After October 12th we’ll tell all.

I haven’t forgotten September, though. You’ve got a lot of good stuff coming up, I promise.




Allan Keyes Challenges! No excuse for this, Glen A. Larson!

15 Jul

July 15, 2013


Remember the opening to the Six Million Dollar Man? CLASSIC!

We’ll get back to that in a minute.

So the producer of that classic TV show – and many others – was Glen A. Larson. But did you know that Mr. Larson had quite the interesting life and background. For example, did you know that he was a member of a singing group called the  The Four Preps? (Not to be confused with the Five Neat Guys from SCTV.)

The Four Preps were quite successful – they had multiple gold singles and three gold albums, back when a gold album was actually a legit feat and not manipulated by shady record companies.  And remember the theme to The Fall Guy? That was composed in part by Larson as well. So it’s pretty well established that Glen A. Larson has a good ear for music, knows what sounds good, and has a good idea of what resonates with the listening public.


That’s real folks – that’s the original theme to the Six Million Dollar Man. And why yes – that is indeed Dusty Springfield singing that ode to…..something.

Let’s just go over just how epic fail this piece of crap is:

–          The logo. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…..is that serious? I can do better, see?


Go ahead, tell me how this is demonstrably worse!

 –          The opening to a show about a bionic man…..doesn’t show anything bionic about him. Oh yeah, he’s sort of bopping along at a fast run on the left side of the screen at one point but that could just as easily be dancing or epilepsy.  And I guess he dropkicks a dungeon door open but it’s not very clear without repeat viewings *(and rest assured, I’ve watched this obsessively since I discovered it) *If you didn’t know better, you’d think this was just the generic spy of the week show, like To Catch a Thief (also a Glen A. Larson joint, and also with dreadful opening issues – Mr. B can explain further).  It cost Six Million Dollars for Steve Austin to wear a tux and cavort with a mediocre looking blonde on a yacht? Meh. And they want me to tune into that? Double meh! If I had my way, the opening would’ve had Steve Austin punching a puma in the nuts and then beating up Sasquatch with a giant redwood. RATINGS GOLD BABY!

–          The tone of the opening is just weirdly disjointed and at odds with the subject matter. This is an astronaut who was mangled in service to our country, and is rebuilt literally sparing no expense, and all he rates is some cheesy pop riff? It’s like if your ipod went from Vangelis (Chariots of Fire) to Biz Markee.

–          The lyrics. “He’s theeeeeee man” – UGH.  And this is an immortal line: “Catch him if you can, beat him if you can, love him if you can……because he’s the man”.  *SHUDDER*


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