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31 Dec

December 31, 2015

Happy New Year from Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride

Please have a fun and responsible time tonight. Don’t wake up tomorrow like this trashed robot.

drunken robot spaceman



Chance Encounters in Time and Space, Episode Two

30 Dec

December 30, 2015

chance encounters in space

Tonight: President William Howard Taft Meets The Donner Party

President Taft: I can make neither heads nor tails of this. I was just in my office preparing for a meeting with the Treasury Secretary and now I am enveloped by this dense white fog. Endless! Endless! Oh! Sir! Oh goodness, people! What is this? Who may I ask are you?

Donner Party: Saved! We’re saved!



COMING SOON: Charlie Sheen meets a pack of angry bears

Taft Donner






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