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Fun With Teh Internets… Again

18 Jun

June 18, 2012

I’ve never been able to grow decent facial hair. Instead of a beard, the best I could do was a little scraggly beardling. And don’t get Mr. Blog started on my weak attempt of a moustache unless you want to hear hours of laughter.  (It’s true. The time a piece of broccoli got stuck to his face looked better- Mr. BTR) So while I may be clean-shaven now, it won’t stop me from trawling the net to find the best examples of….

Most modern molestache debates center on who rocked the classiest one:

John Waters (the choice of the avant-garde)

C’mon, you just know there is some strange stuff in the trunk of his car.


David Niven (pick of the molestache traditionalist)

Best David Niven film? Murder by Death. You cannot argue, don’t even try.

 No matter which camp you fall into, I think we can all agree that it’s none of these guys:


It’s John Waters’ slightly asthmatic and much less charismatic cousin Rupert!


Mr. BTR thinks that is Keifer Sutherland on a bad day, circa Lost Boys.

Taken just before some underage girl’s father knocked him out. Tip: When bringing  daddy’s little 14 yr. old home at 3AM, never use beer as a peace-offering.


All that dramatic pose does is accentuate the douche-tache.

Trust him, he’s a blood donor! Trust me, I’d rather bleed out!



And the #1 MOLESTACHE picture is……….


HA! You’ve been Rickrolled!


Sorry, I’m just really obsessed with this guy.  The real #1 molestache is:

Look, don’t blame me, ok?  It came up in the search. But the amazing thing is that I understand that his chest and….er, beer gut hair grew in that way naturally!

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