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The Saturday Comics: Rex Morgan M.D. (2012)

23 Jun

June 23, 2012

The last time we checked in on Rex Morgan, M.D. they were in te middle of an odd run in which a man’s prostate troubles had gone viral on Twitter. Think I made that up? Click here and see for yourself.

Let’s see what he’s up to today.

Hmm. Not a lot of doctoring going on, is there? And ol’ Rex is looking a little younger. I think he’s had some work done.

This is how Rex looked the last time we saw him. He’s had a little nip and tuck, I think. Plus he’s dying his hair.

This strip is still playing to its aging audience. A Don Knotts reference? Really? And while I can’t say that’s a bad run of strips, it sure isn’t the old days, when Rex would, you know, be a doctor.

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