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The Saturday Comics: Rex Morgan M.D. (2012)

23 Jun

June 23, 2012

The last time we checked in on Rex Morgan, M.D. they were in te middle of an odd run in which a man’s prostate troubles had gone viral on Twitter. Think I made that up? Click here and see for yourself.

Let’s see what he’s up to today.

Hmm. Not a lot of doctoring going on, is there? And ol’ Rex is looking a little younger. I think he’s had some work done.

This is how Rex looked the last time we saw him. He’s had a little nip and tuck, I think. Plus he’s dying his hair.

This strip is still playing to its aging audience. A Don Knotts reference? Really? And while I can’t say that’s a bad run of strips, it sure isn’t the old days, when Rex would, you know, be a doctor.

The Saturday Comics: Apt. 3-G

9 Apr

NEW April 9, 2011

I’ve complained about comics that fall behind the times, like Mary Worth and Rex Morgan. I’ve also commended Mandrake the Magician for keeping up with the times. Here is one that tried but failed to keep up.

Apt. 3-G has been around since quite possibly The Dawn of Time. Winess the horribly awkward way the strip tries to sound young. The only way the word “hip” applies to the characters is when one of them breaks one.

Seriously, a reference to The Shadow? C’mon!

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