An Echo of The Bunnymen (Halloween Costume Repost)

1 Nov

November 1, 2013

Halloween was yesterday? No, when Halloween comes out on Thursday, then most people celebrate it on Friday. And besides, Halloween isn’t over until I say it is!

from October 17, 2011

Well Halloween is here, and in my book there are two- and only two- classic Halloween costumes.

The first is the classic Superman suit, and shame on DC for changing it.

A close second is the gorilla suit. (Necktie optional.)

Watch any old B-movie and what do you see? A guy in a bad gorilla suit. And that rocks! Gorilla suits are cool. And the worse the better! Want proof? Here are some 1970’s Kung Fu Karate gorillas versus a Bruce Lee wannabe named (heh heh) Bruce Li:


This is why I can’t go to Japan. I will be totally unprepared when thin Kung Fu Karate gorillas jump out of a tree and attack me.

I’d love to make that film a Late Night Movie House of Crap but that’s about all of the watchable footage.

See why gorilla suits are cool?

Superman is one, a gorilla is two, so what would number three on the list be? A clown? A guy in drag? A black bunny suit?

Gotta be the black bunny suit. Check it out.

Where to start? I have to start with his picture. That guy totally looks like a guy who’d wear a bunny suit and lurk behind a tree. He’s got that John Astin thing going on.

Who would think that a man in a black bunny suit and a tutu hiding behind a tree and pointing his finger like a gun would scare kids? What kind of world are we living in where an obviously normal and well-adjusted man can’t do that without the police being involved? Jeez, this is America, and if a man wants to wear a black bunny suit and a tutu and hide behind a tree while playing pretend sniper at the local kids, who are we to complain? It isn’t like this guy was really hurting- oh Hell, I can’t keep this up.

I’m calling it. This man needs serious help. It is time for him to go on a little “vacation.”

“Falkingham told authorities that he enjoys wearing the suit, but understands the neighbors’ concerns and complaints.”

I for one am glad that the loon is being reasonable about the whole thing.

But as far as I am concerned, and this being my blog I am concerned, this is the only acceptable way of wearing a black bunny suit.

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