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Sneak Peek of the Week of December 2nd, 2012

2 Dec

December 2, 2012


It will be one of those weeks around

On Monday, this being the big Conspicuous Consumption Holiday Binge Buying Season, Allen Keyes turns his gaze, laser-like, upon some First World Problems we only seem to have in the Western Hemisphere. The Northern part, to be exact. (Sorry Mexico.)

On Tuesday it will be a day of either black armbands of mourning or joyous laughter of delight as we recap the last regular episode of American Chopper. After this week, all that is left is the 2-part Build-Off.

Then on Wednesday we have the justification for the picture above. It is a Tale of My Father, the first of what may be too many stories of my Dad, Mr. Blog Senior. This week’s tale takes place in the early 70’s and I can totally see Dad wearing that shirt. (He already had the sideburns.) But that would make that woman my Mom and now that picture is totally creepy. Maybe I should change it.

On Thursday we’ll open Larry Hagman’s will and see a few surprises within. Who knew Larry Hagman was such a big fan of Project Runway?

Then on Friday it is the Imponderable and frankly I can’t choose. Will it by Robosquirrel or the Serbian Vampire? Whichever it is, the other will be next week. (Which makes this also a Mini-Sneak Peek of the Week of December 9th! Bonus!)

Saturday Comics comes back to the schedule next week, featuring 10 favorite comics of all time. (Um, sort of. I bend the rules and sneak 15 in. Maybe this should be a two-parter.)

I’ll see you all next week here at, and remember the password… YARTEX!

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