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Imponderable #73: Serbia

14 Dec

December 14, 2012

It is now my pleasure to introduce one of the sanest and most rational Imponderable it has been my joy to discover.


Take that Mayor Bloomberg! While you are busy banning big sodas and just generally being short, Mayor Miodrag Vujetic is out protecting his town from vampires.

Seriously, this is no surprise to any scholar of vampire lore. Take a look at this centuries-old map of Central Europe:


Zarozje likes right along the infamous “vampire highway,” which stretched from Transylvania to Serbia, with off-ramps in Romania and Bulgaria. At the height of the undead’s power, they occupied every old mill for hundreds of miles. Today, the last remaining mill, the refuge of Sava Savanovic, is in ruins and now the ghoul is on the loose. I warned them to reinforce the walls! They could have done it during the day, nothing to fear!

Anyway, who am I to argue? Maybe there really is a vampire loose. Maybe there really are truths behind the Serbian legends of the undead.

And maybe the Mayor happens to own the town’s only garlic farm and cross factory.

Do  you think they like Twilight over in Serbia?

The question is Imponderable.

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