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The Saturday Comics: Rob Liefeld’s Santa the Barbarian

22 Dec

December 22, 2012


As they used to say on MST3K, we are in for some deep hurting this week.


Far as I know, this is Santa the Barbarian’s only appearance, from a trading card inserted into an issue of Wizard, the comic book magazine that was better known as the propaganda arm of Marvel Comics.

Where to start? We all know that Liefeld and anatomy are bitter, bitter enemies. Sheesh, just look at the size of Santa’s leg! This isn’t Santa the Barbarian, this is a shaved mastodon. I’d love to say that this card screams 1990’s, but Liefeld is drawing (I can’t say illustrating) the exact same way today. However, somebody must like this crap. Someone out there must think this is cool.

Actually, I know for a fact that someone does. Last year, I sold a set of Wizard cards, including this one, on eBay and while I didn’t get rich off of it, I did make a nice profit.

Look at that card. There really is no excuse.

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