American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior: Rick’s News

5 Mar

March 5, 2012

Last week Discovery had a little fun at your expense. They posted the episode title but not the description. They knew that people would jump to the conclusion that Rick was leaving OCC and moving to PJD. Not me, I don’t see that happening, and if somehow it did, the news would leak out long before the show aired. Anyway, here is the description of tonight’s show.

RICK’S NEWS March 5, 2012
Rick’s news? He’s ENGAGED! Meanwhile, Junior decides to revamp the Black Widow Bike he recently reclaimed from Senior, and OCC works on a two-bike build for John Christner Trucking.

The plot threads tonight: 1- Will Rick invite Paul Sr. and Paulie to his wedding?  2- Paulie takes the OCC logo off the Black Widow bike and puts on a PJD logo. 3- Mikey hires a personal trainer. (Not the first time, IIRC.)

I have not yet seen the show, we are only 3 minutes in. I understand him wanting to remove the OCC logo but I disagree. It was an OCC bike. Why deny history? It was NEVER a PJD build. OK, he doesn’t want to advertise OCC, but at the very least, leave it without a logo.

OCC is hired to build a pair of bikes for John Christner Trucking, one old-fashioned, one modern. PJD will be working on the Black Widow. They had a flashback to season one with Senior talking about the bike. Senior had a fatter face and darker hair. Time has worn on. Anyway, the bike needs an overhaul, the frame needs work, the paint needs to be redone, it just looks like a ten year-old bike.

Over at OCC, Rick is in charge of the old-school bike, and it appears he is even designing it. It goes without saying how smooth the build will go. Rick is building it like Paulie would, on the go, coming up with ideas as he goes along. As the episode goes along, Rick just shows more and more of the skill we’ve seen over the years. Sad that skill and talent are not rewarded at OCC as much as other things. Yes, Rick is paid well (I assume) and has a good job, but why doesn’t he have more say in the builds?

BTW- the bike Jason “drawed?” It had a design problem: unbuildable exhaust pipes.

Rick is getting married and yes, he is inviting everyone to the wedding, OCC, PJD, whoever. Will they fight? Will they get along? Will they all show up?

Mikey goes on the radio show that they always seem to be on, the big guy with the hoarse voice, to plug the weight loss challenge he entered last week. He is 350 pounds! He’s raising money for a leukemia charity and he is getting sponsored, so much per pound lost. If he shaves his beard and cuts his hair there goes 20 pounds, easy. So Mikey now has a personal trainer. He doesn’t seem to have his blind, Dungeons + Dragons-looking sidekick anymore.

His trainer is Carlos Kremer, a buff but not toned looking guy who seemed more interested in mentally motivating Mikey than training him. He claims to be a former marine, but for a tough military man he seemed more interested in asking about his relationship with his father than building Mikey up. At any rate, he gets Mikey lifting weights, so good for him.

“He seems a bit misdirected.” -Carlos on Mikey, and man, is that an understatement. He is a “master motivator and life coach.” Sounds like BS to me, but I am ready to be convinced. If there is one thing Mikey needs, it is a life coach. 

Nub got some screen time, talking about how bad he feels that he has to take off the OCC logo. He called up Shane from OCC, the original painter, to tell him the logo he painted is coming off. On the one hand, I commend Nub for having the loyalty to tell the guy. On the other hand, where is the loyalty to Paulie? If Shane said not to touch it, would Nub have not done the job? And who is Shane (and Nub for that matter) to make the call. Paulie is both the owner of the bike and the guy paying Nub. Do what he says. End of story.

After all the time that has passed, Rick and Vinnie meet up at a diner to catch up and talk about Rick’s upcoming wedding. Vinnie is going to the wedding regardless of who else is or is not. Vinnie again showed himself to be a class act talking about Senior and his mother, who passed away recently.

Paulie, his wife, and his mother sat down to talk about the Helen situation. Bottom line, he feels it should be handled in private. As he pointed out, he didn’t allow discovery to film his wedding and there were no cameras in the courtroom during all the legal drama with his father. He has a point, but does it take a family sit down to get him to tell his father how sorry he is?

I was prepared to write that the show spent more time on the builds, which it did, but I then realized that while they are showing more, nothing is being explained. There is very little on the technical side of things. This show is still not for people who are into the builds. (No news there, I know.)

BTW- remember Odie? The guy Paulie fired for being total turd and who was later hired by Senior because he badmouthed his son? Haven’t seen him in a long time, have we?

PJD unveiled the revamped Black Widow at the Javits Center in NYC and Vinnie pointed out that most of the people who built it ten years ago were standing on stage with one exception: Paul Senior.

Next Week:

THE CALL March 12, 2012
After weeks of silence, Junior calls Senior to give his condolences on Helen’s passing. Then PJD starts a charity build for the March of Dimes while OCC finishes a two-bike build for John Christner Trucking.

From the commercial: Paulie calls Senior.

3 Responses to “American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior: Rick’s News”

  1. Eric C March 9, 2012 at 12:38 pm #

    RICK! Cool to see him getting engaged. And yes, I’ve noticed his lack of authority at OCC. You would think he would have more say in the overall concepts of the bikes. Maybe he just wants to fabricate and leaving the “Drawing” up to others. Loved seeing him get into the old school bike and work the metal. For an instant there, it felt like the early years of the show.

    As for the Vinnie and Rick meeting. It was so set up (as yall already can tell and know). I mean in one of the online aftershows, Vinnie mentioned how they’ve seen each other on a regular basis. in fact, they said Rick has been by the PJD shop to look at projects and that they talk on the phone a lot when rick is driving home some 1.5 hrs away. Still, good to see them on screen together, as this is where we know them.

    Love Nub, too! As an artist myself, I get what Nub was getting at with calling the original artist. However, I agree with you, these are commissioned pieces and the art belongs to the owner (Jr) and he can do with it as he pleases. Ultimately, I wouldve kept the OCC logo on their, too. It’s part of its and Jr’s history. Jr should’ve just signed his signature on it to fully say it’s his.

    I think it’s time for Discovery to let Mikey go from American Chopper. I like him participating in helping raise money for the boy, that’s why I’ve always seen him having his own show about him traveling or getting involved with philanthropy or something. Just a thought. Without him having an integral role in either shop, he’s not very vital to show, except to add to the plot of Sr. vs. his boys.


  2. Jason Scherer July 4, 2012 at 6:02 am #

    What is it with Rick from OCC’s hair??? He has the worst haircut…! It looks like he’s ready to fly into the sky with the “Hairwings” he has on both sides of his head…!


  3. kevin krause September 14, 2012 at 9:45 am #

    mikey is nothing more than a fat fucking slob


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