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The Saturday Comics: The Presidency In The Comics

24 Mar

March 24, 2012

Last week’s post about the truly exciting and sales-busting (not) Lyndon B. Johnson comic led me to some other comics about the President or the Presidency.

First up is a pair of historical comics, one by General Motors (ironic, now that you look back on it) and one by, once again, Dell.

Next up, a rather serious JFK comic…

…followed by a not-so-serious comic featuring President Nixon.

Jackie Jokers? Never heard of him, obviously a ripoff of my very own creation:

My lawsuit has been rejected by several firms but I still have hope!

The first ladies have gotten into the act as well. This one is by Charlton Comics.

Is it just me or is there something off about her whole face? Too big eyes, strange nose, cruel mouth. And her daughter? Her eyes look very suspicious. what does she see?

DC also had its own fictionalized comic about the Presidency, called Prez, about the first teenage President. Constitutionality be damned!

And finally, could there be a better President than Superman?

Would you declare war on the US?

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