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The Saturday Comics: Lyndon B. Johnson

17 Mar

March 17, 2012

Back in 1964, comics were in their heyday. It was the height of The Silver Age and take a look at the variety of titles you could have found at your local newsstand.

So with such great comics- Cary Bates working on Superman, Lee and Kirby on Fantastic Four- would you have bought this if you found it nestled between Sgt. Fury and The Flash?

Batman! Spider-Man! LBJ! Doesn’t he just scream super hero?

I know that today some low-rent publishers eke out a small profit making comics featuring political figures, and even Marvel shamelessly jumped on the bandwagon by putting President Obama on the cover of an issue of Spider-Man, but at least it was Spider-Man’s book! And this is no low-rent publisher, this was Dell! They were huge in their day.

None other than the legendary Dick Giordano worked on that book.

So if you were a young comic buyer, and saw that on the spinner rack, would you have spared a single second for that, let alone shelled out 12 cents for it?


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