American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior: Free Rick (for real this week)

14 Nov

November  7, 2011

The Discovery website is a mess. They are one week out of sync. So once again, here is the description of Free Rick.

Nov. 14, 2011
Junior lands the biggest job of his  career when he is asked to build a bike inspired by the restoration of Ground  Zero in NYC. Senior secures a build for a wealthy foreigner and rumors fly at  both shops over Rick’s assumed discontent at OCC.


And now on with the new.

As we see in the opening, Mikey is cashing in with some Free Rick t-shirts and they look like he vomited paint on them. The picture looks like 20% Rick and 80% a drunken clown. Or Mikey. Who can tell?

Senior takes a call from an anonymous rich Middle Easterner who wants a custom bike with a horse theme. They are calling this the Arabian Horse Bike. With absolutely no evidence I am going to call this the al-Qaeda bike.

About 9 minutes in we get a glimpse of Jason’s design with a tank shaped like a horse’s head. I hope that changes because it looks totally stupid.

Nope, at 24 minutes in we see that it has not. It looks ridiculous. They are using horse shoes around the tires for the fender and it just looks cheesy.

Paulie and PJD visit Ground Zero and tour the (agonizingly slow) construction. They are going to build the 9/11 Memorial Bike which you can see above. Just as an aside, I see the Freedom Tower from my office, very close by. No matter what you feel about it or 9/11, ten years later and still no completed tower is a disgrace. Paulie was amazed by the view from halfway up the Freedom Tower. The original WTC was more impressive. OK, end of my soapbox.

Paulie is building some sort of new, never before seen frame for the Memorial Bike, so original that the frame builder had to be on site. They are bending and building a square-shaped tube for the frame, not round. It is also half the weight of a normal frame. The designer says he will never build a frame like that again, that it will remain totally unique. (We’ll see.)

And hey! Senior is making a funky frame this week too! What are the odds of that?

As I said with the OCC 9/11 (lawyer) bike, Senior did nothing to tie the bike’s theme into a memorial. Sure, it had some tribute painted on the rear, but that’s it. Paulie is working the buildings and the transportation hub into the design. You can debate how much or how little you like the final design, but clearly they put more effort and thought into it than OCC. And say what you will about Paulie being lazy in the past, he put a ton of hands-on work into this build.

But the big deal this week is that Senior pulls in Rick to talk about him possibly leaving and working for “someone else.” He’s heard the rumors of Rick being unhappy and wants to know what is going on. Nothing is going on.

“I work here. Things are good.”

End of story. Seriously, did anyone really think Rick was leaving? Was there ever a chance? No, there was not.

Mikey unveils his newest “art,” free Rick t-shirts. Not only do they look like crap, but in the background his art looks like third-grade finger paintings. Seriously. That is no joke. The shirts “seemed to be a really big hit with Vinnie and Paulie.” Ya think?
People on the street seemed to like them too. But of course, they were on camera and the shirts were free. What else would they say? Mikey also mumbled something about the money for the shirts going to charity. He didn’t seem that well thought out.

Senior, who claims to not care about what Paulie does, sits down to watch a video from PJD and amazingly, he doesn’t totally run it down. And much as he says what Paulie does doesn’t matter to his business, he decides to make his own video.

Oh, I mean Discovery showed Senior Paulie’s video and told Senior to make his own video. Sorry about that. Got it right this time.

And later on, he actually said “PJD builds a good bike.” OK, something is off here.

And for you Cody fans, it has been 10 years since he first started at OCC. Wow. Paulie offerd him a full-time job and before the words were out of Paulie’s mouth – seriously, I mean it- Cody said “sure!’

Do any of you know what is happening with V-Force? Cody had been working with Vinnie. Is that business still happening?


Nov. 14, 2011
A three-way build-off is announced  and contender Jesse James throws down the gauntlet by sending vulgar cakes to  OCC and PJD. OCC works on two bikes and Junior unveils the biggest build of his  career at Ground Zero in NYC.

Jesse James. Another guy with a sterling reputation. I guess being a jerk is a bike builder thing.

10 Responses to “American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior: Free Rick (for real this week)”

  1. Michael W. at 10:47 pm #

    Ok all here we go….

    Paulie was never lazy; he was just tired of putting up with Sr. and all his BS antics. Sr. was always crushing NOT inhibiting his creativity. Hurry up get it done was all he ever said. Well after a bunch of that who would want to go to work??? Paulie has freedom now something he never really had working for the poor excuse for a father. Paulie always wanted to do more, make it special and Sr. just wanted it out the door. And every time Paulie wanted to do something more he just got a big headache from you know who.

    As for Mikey all I will say is he gave it a shot, and although he isn’t the best artists by our standards, most of the (so called great) artists paintings don’t really look any better. I could name names but I won’t, but a lot of the artists and NOT realists but more abstract type of artists which some of them really would have made Mikey’s painting look good (in my honest opinion). He is just a kind kid who royally got messed up by his drunk no good father. Considering he hasn’t killed himself yet I think he is doing quite well. Enough said.

    And for the “I am going to call this the al-Qaeda bike” I am going to agree with you on that.
    But it will come out looking more like a horse’s ass coming for OCD, or OCC = Orange County Crap. I am thinking of calling them up to make a special chopper that looks like a pile of manure…but they will just end up doing their standard stuff….LOL. Chrome it up and it will look good right? And for the Middle East guy like Sr. more than Jr., well poor minds stink alike. If the Middle East guy wants to see a horse’s ass, he just needed to visit Sr in person. And Sr. has a lot of horseshit to throw around, seen him do it many times.

    Now for the WTC, it was a pile of crap back then, filled with asbestos and was slated to either come down, or they would have had to spend millions taking the stuff out, and any one using the place got great chances of getting cancer…and that was before the disaster. Now it has been 10 years and we still haven’t gotten anything done with it. I wouldn’t call that bouncing back. One day to tear it down and 10 years to mess around.
    But what they really need is two bikes…..???? for what??? Can’t they find someone else to build something a little more important and spend the money on something that might matter…….like a building for instance???? Well the government must have their hands in it LOL.

    As for Sr. 9/11 bike….well can you spell JOKE people…. can you use it in a sentence? I can…. Sr’s 9/11 bike was the worst joke for a theme bike I have ever seen. I could have designed a better bike in my sleep.

    Now for “And later on, he actually said “PJD builds a good bike.” OK, something is off here.” Every time in the past that the Trench Mouth Sr. has spewed out his specially designed BS, he ended up eating it. He also knows the public has a very poor opinion of him and his past actions/sayings/and general attitude and I think he is trying to rehabilitate his image ……….good luck with that…….he will need it.

    Now finally I will address: “He’s heard the rumors of Rick being unhappy and wants to know what is going on. Nothing is going on.” That is not really correct. Something is going on and if everything goes right Rick will be leaving OCD, OCC or Sr. BS place what ever you want to call it. I am going to be calling next week to talk with Jr. and his group about something that might be a real game changer in the total scheme of things. And I am not BSing for one second. I have a plan to shake things up in a very big way and I am working on it very very hard to make it come true…and it is well within the realm of possibility.

    P.S. I am not big into blogging at all, this and a couple of closely associated blogs are the only blogs I am into.

    Will keep you all posted on my progress I promise.

    Michael W.


    • bmj2k at 10:50 pm #

      Nice job, but I do think that in the past Paulie was lazy. Not now, but he was in the past.


  2. “al-Qaeda bike” brilliant!

    Just a few thoughts….
    1) Ticshaman to Paulie: “…eventually I just bought my dad out.” Paulie: “How did that work out?” Tischman: “Great.”. Hmmmm
    2) AI have been watching on and off some past American Chopper Seniros vs. Junior as well as some American Choppers from 2008’ish and I have come to a conclusion. I honestly think Stevie is brainwashing Senior to not reconcile with Junior…I mean but why?, what’s up with that? Why is Stevie so concerned with Senior reconciling with Junior? You hiding something Stevie? Scared someone is gonna ruin a good thing u have going on Its actually very obvious when you watch the shows….He pushes Senior to reach out to Mikey but totally puts the kabash on Junior whenever Senior has a compliment on Paulie…Something very weird about that…
    3) It cannot be said enough, Senior just looks awful, physically. He is not well.


    • bmj2k at 6:41 pm #

      A lot of the guys who have power at OCC now were the ones who came in late or were part of pushing Paulie out. No wonder they don’t want him and Senior to reconcile.


  3. Jeremy H at 8:13 pm #

    I haven’t watched the episode yet, but I genuinely love Paulie’s 9/11 bike. Sr. loves saying that PJD will never build a bike with the “technology” that OCC puts on their bikes, and I think it’s safe to say that OCC will never build a bike as unique or as beautiful as Paulie’s memorial to 9/11.

    What does the technology comment even mean, though? It’s not like OCC is designing cutting edge bike technology from scratch or anything, they’re just bolting parts onto a stock JASON POHL ORIGINAL frame and then adding a couple of machines bells and whistles. What actual “technology” do their bikes have that is so unique or exciting? Does each OCC bike come with a Cell Buckle now?


    • bmj2k at 8:26 pm #

      Yeah, I never got that technology thing either.


  4. The Hook at 5:08 pm #

    You are the ultimate OCC fan, my friend! But I’m right there with you!


  5. Drillsetc at 10:44 pm #

    I find the show very boring now. Paul Sr is a mess, but the interaction kept you coming back for more.


  6. Hawaiian Brian at 4:04 pm #

    That, “horse,” bike was the lamest, most infantile piece of crap to EVER come off a lift. I’m sure the buyer had to be secret because THEY DON’T EXIST!


    • pf at 2:40 am #

      I know this is old but I just saw the ep and I have to comment because I actually really love horses and that “horse” bike offended me. If I asked for a horse themed bike and got that I’d want my money back. I’ve seen grade school kids draw better horses. And oh, wow, using horse shoes for things. It’s not like you can flip through nearly any farm or country themed catalog and find pretty much anything you want for your house made with horse shoes… Oh wait. You can! Horse shoe toilet paper roll holder, anyone?

      I was actually looking forward to seeing what they came up with, too. Someone needs to hire PJD to do some kind of horse theme bike just so I can cleanse my mind.


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