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Picture Postcard: San Diego Fireworks

17 Nov

November 17 2011

I took this a few years ago at Petco Park in San Diego. After every weekend Padres game they had fireworks. The upper deck was the best place to see them because we had the whole downtown cityscape as a backdrop. This picture was taken early on in the display before the smoke made photography almost impossible. All you got pictures of was bright smokey haze. While as far as fireworks photos go this may not be as exciting as the Fourth of July on the Hudson, I like it because, quite honestly, it was the only shot I took not obscured by haze, smoke, or glare. And it is kind of nice.

OK, actually, this is a verrrrrrryyyyyy last-minute replacement for the Picture Postcard originally set to run. I pulled it because it is going to be a part of a very special theme week (plus a couple of days) coming up next week. Details forthcoming in the next Sneak Peek of the Week. What makes the theme week so special? SPECIAL GUESTS! Come back Sunday for details.

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