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25 Nov

November 25, 2020

It’s nearly Thanksgiving, and you know what that means- IT’S OFFICIALLY CHRISTMAS!

Yes, the most fantabulous time of the year! Get out your kapdabblers and smendlers!

Look at them all, through the darkness I’m bringing.

They’re not sad at all. They’re actually singing!

They sing without juicers. They sing without blenders.

They sing without flungers, kapdabblers and smendlers!

– Mr. Burns. What, you thought that was Seuss? Simpsons, when it was funny.

So what the Holy Holiday Ham is The 5 Memes of Christmas? Well I’m not telling you.

Who am I kidding OF COURSE I’ll tell you! It’s Christmas! Every Friday starting this Friday I’ll bring you a Classic TV Great Moment in Santa History, and it all leads up to the unveiling of the ALL NEW 2020 FONZIE CHRISTMAS MEME! You know you loved the last three, you’ll go GA-GA-GAZOOKS for this year’s Fonzerelli Fumetti! (Copywrite me just now. Don’t steal that.) Here’s a sample:

And that’s only a preview so know it’s the least funny one! It only gets better from here folks! IT HAS TO! Be here this Friday or else you will not be here this Friday!




Picture Postcard: Homer Simpson Graffiti

11 Jul

July 11, 2015

Saw this nice bit of graffiti at a train station in my neck of Brooklyn. It’s been there for years, but they are finally beginning a long overdue overhaul of the station, and there’s a chance it may not be there much longer. What makes this Simpson’s related is the doughnut, of course. Almost directly opposite on the other platform is an older, faded “Homer,” but it is in generic graffiti style, and there’s no doughnut.

homer 2012


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