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Star Wars: The Force Awakens, And Has Breakfast

26 Jan

January 26, 2016

Star Wars is back, and in the grand tradition of movie tie-ins, it has its own cereal. But I’m a little confused. Are Yoda and Darth Vader about to square off over a bowl of cereal? I guess there weren’t many grocery stores a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Yoda looks pretty angry. I’m not sure I’d like to stare at that face over my breakfast table. Is he daring me to eat that cereal? This is a little violent for breakfast.

SW duo

Maybe it is all just a Jedi mind trick.

But not to be left out, the Trix Rabbit also got in on the act. Here he is, dressed as his favorite Star Wars character.


He’s dressed as Princess Leia. Not what I would have expected. Is there something we should know about him? Seems like an odd choice. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I wonder how that box sold down South? “Yee-haw and fry my griddles! I ain’t having no gol-darn cross-dressing rabbit cereal in this house! Where’s my shotgun? I’m going out to shoot me a good old-fashioned muskrat for breakfast. And somebody check the still. I think I saw some revenuers sneaking around.”

Meanwhile, lost and left out of all the cross-promotion, is poor Jar Jar Binks.







Have 250 Milliliters of Coke And a Smile.

17 Mar

March 17, 2011

Once again they’ve changed the way they present calorie information on packages. Until recently it was good enough if it was on the package in a standardized nutritional display. Now the push is to put it on the front of the packages. Soda bottles are leading the charge.

What’s the point? No one drinks Coke for their health, and if they’re worried about calories they drink diet soda. I have no problem with displaying the nutritional information but it comes to a point where it simply gets insulting. Is it too hard to turn the bottle? Do we really need it shoved in our faces? Has anyone complained that one inch and 90 degrees is too far away?

Of course, all of this assumes that the bottle will be facing you in the cooler. If isn’t, then what happens? Will they design a bottle that rotates itself?

HL Mencken once said the no one has gone broke underestimating the intelligence of the public, and I’ve done my share of it too. And I’m about to do some more. The label, in nice big figures, says 110 calories/250 ml. So for every 250 milliliters there are 110 calories. Fair enough, but it is in a 591 ml bottle. Therefore, the bottle is not 110 calories, as they hope the public will think, it is really 260. A more honest label would tell you the total calories in the bottle. Like it or not, no one will do the math. and if they do, who measures out 110 milliliters?

Remember when you could go out and buy a soda in a small cup that was actually small? Today a small, if you find one, is about the size of a Volkswagen.

Again, I think it is great to give people all the nutritional information they need to make informed decisions. I dislike the fact that this label assumes we are too stupid to figure it out without having everything brought down to the lowest common denominator and shoved down out throats. I find it insulting.


The bottle of the future.



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