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What’s Next For Dennis Rodman?

9 Jan

January 9, 2014

Dennis rodman sure is making headlines with his North Korean Love Tour. He’ singing Happy Birthday to a brutal dictator, he’s dropping F-bombs and screaming at reporters on CNN, and he’s making the rest of his NBA aging all-stars rethink their life choices.

When he returns to the USA he has a lot of options for his next move. We here at BTR/Gossip have EXCLUSIVELY learned that he’s planning a jailhouse visit to Bernie Madoff, as well as a trip to Cuba to party with Raul Castro. But even worse, I hear he’s planning on deflowering Honey Boo Boo when she comes of age.

Well, the Editors and Staff of Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride say “why not us?”

Hey, Kim Jung-Un threw his uncle to the dogs? I’ll throw Allan Keyes to the rabid wolverines. How about that, Rodman?

3/4 of North Korea has no electricity? I’ve been running Mr. BTR on candle power for years.

I don’t need a team of all-stars or a Happy Birthday serenade. Show up, take a few pics, we’ll share some wings, and we’ll get about a billion hits for bmj2k.com. That’s what it’s all about.

See you soon Dennis!

rodman clap

Sports 101: The Pick and Roll (SportsPost RePost)

10 Sep

September 10, 2013

from March 21, 2013

Today’s lesson is how to perform an NBA-grade pick and roll, even if you are not an NBA-grade athlete. All it takes is a keen eye and judgement. Once you know how to pick your spot, you can do it with ease.

titleFrom Yahoo Sports


The seats behind the announcers are usually prime real estate at every sporting event, and the NBA is no exception. In fact, unlike baseball, football, or hockey, the announcers are not in booths but sitting at a table court side with the fans right behind them. If you get seats right behind the announcers you are guaranteed to get on TV when the director cuts to the announce table.

Use that power wisely. Observe this man proudly performing his own version of the pick and roll.

The best part? That guy clearly knew that he was on tv. Oddly, he was proud of it and shared a manly wink with the audience at home. Click on this picture to watch Yahoo’s non-stop winking gif!


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