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The Saturday Comics: The Snobby Dalek

11 Jul

July 11, 2016

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Doctor Who has starred in many comic strips, but not this one. It starred his enemies, the Daleks. It is an old TV Century 21 strip, simply called The Daleks, which appeared in the 1960’s. The art is a little off, and in a few short weeks they’d fix it so that the Daleks looked as they should. But for a while, readers were treated to a comic strip header featuring The Snobby Dalek.


However, the new Daleks still had the same problem. While they looked more accurate, they still had the same snobby expression.


Eventually the powers that were said “the heck with it!” and took the Daleks out of the header entirely, thought they did return towards the end in a completely new layout.



And in case you’re wondering, The Doctor never appeared in this version of the strip.




Picture Postcard: Pig Girl

8 Jan

January 8, 2013

No, this is not what you think. Pig Girl is the name of a 99 cent store in my area.

Pig Girl

The area is becoming heavily Asian and the store is run by Chinese people, so I am assuming that Pig Girl means that the woman who runs in the store was born in the Year of The Pig.

At least that is my hope.

I did not take that picture but I have to thank whoever did and put it online. Although I passed that store hundreds of times I never got around to taking a picture, and now it is closed. (Note the “going out of business” sign in the window.)

I wonder if it anything to do with the name?

Whenever I read the Pig Girl sign, I invariably think of the pig slaves created by the Daleks in the very disappointing Doctor Who episode The Daleks Take Manhattan.


So the moral of the story is that a funny name for your store might get it noticed, but fear of the Daleks may put it out of business, or something like that.

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