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The Treasure Chest of Terrible Toys: 5 Bad Batman Guns

7 Dec

December 7, 2013

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Batman. What do we know about him?

1- He’s really Bruce Wayne
2- His parents were murdered
3- His sidekick is Robin
4- He never, ever, uses a gun

So what better toy than a Batman gun?

1- I have to admit, this first one is cool in a 60’s Japanese tin toy way. You know what I mean.


2- Sort of like a Bat-Luger. Simply not a cool looking gun. They probably had a bunch laying around in a warehouse and stuck it on a Batman card.


3- Again, nothing Batman-like at all. Not even that bat, which would look more at home in a 1940’s Dracula flick.


4- So stupid I love it. I want this one.


5- Epic fail. Epic Bat-fail.


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