Sneak Peek Plus! 8/5/12

5 Aug

August 8, 2012

In this edition of Sneak Peek Plus!:
-Here’s What You Missed Last Week
-Sneak Peek of the Week of August 5th, 2012
-Jokeclops Returns


Here’s What You Missed Last Week

It was the Second Annual Spotlight Week on Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride and some very interesting people wrote guest blogs. Thank you, every one of you. I am appreciative and humble that you’d take time out for me.

Monday– Allan Keyes. As usual, Mr. Keyes went to his usual wacky world. Check his blog to put this into context: 

Tuesday– Anam Shaw took us into the world of Rite Aid. What’s interesting about that? What isn’t? Check it out and a lot more at her own blog at I’m always impressed.

Wednesday– We had a great change of pace from Jimbo. His post created a great discussion about what he may have seen one night in the late 90’s. Want to have a serious UFO discussion? Start here.

Thursday– Peter Church wrote about Radio Project X, an amazing troupe of actors. Looking for something you may not have seen before? Check them out.

Friday– What is a Spotlight without the Official Artist of Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride? Yep, Mike Monge:

Saturday– I’ll just leave it at this:

Sneak Peek of the Week of August 5th, 2012

On Monday, Allan Keyes is going all in on The Fat Guy Norman Snackmunch.
Tuesday’s Classic Repost will bring me back to 2007, when I was almost forced into a Russian marriage.
In the middle of the week, I’ll finally get around to accepting some of the Blog awards I have been awarded this year. I promise to try to be humble. I’ll also reveal my idea for I hope to be the next big thing in the historical fiction/monster mash-up genre. Like Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter? You’ll love my idea. (And for the record, that book is severely overrated.)
Friday’s Imponderable is a 2-fer brought to my attention by Jimbo. Ever wonder what’s so attractive about cows? We’ll discuss.
Saturday Comics will, as you can probably infer from the name, appear on Saturday.

Jokeclops Returns

Not everyone is a fan of Norman Snackmunch. 

He’s right. Here is a selection of Jokeclops gags from Mr. BTR. Search this site for “jokeclops” to find more.


3 Responses to “Sneak Peek Plus! 8/5/12”

  1. pennycoho August 5, 2012 at 1:11 am #

    I really like Jackie the Joke man, reminds me of my neighbor, no not really, okay yeah he does! Sense of humor, facial expressions the whole 9 yards!


    • bmj2k August 5, 2012 at 2:07 am #

      You have no idea how hard it is to write ancient Greek standup.


      • pennycoho August 5, 2012 at 3:07 am #

        Yes, but what fun in the doing, sort of!


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