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Spotlight: Mike Mongello (2012)

3 Aug

August 3, 2012

Mike Monge. Spend any time here and you’ll run across his work. Whether it is the amazing work he’s done of superheroes, celebrities, monsters, or pin-ups, or if you’ve seen the headers he’s made especially for this blog, I’m sure you’ve been impressed. I’ve showcased one or two other artists on this site, but i think with far more exposure than any other, I can officially declare Mike The Official Artist of

That’s an amazing honor.

And he’s a great guy too. Check out these images, some old, some new, all fantastic. And before you leave, check out his links at the bottom. Click on them, explore, enjoy.

Badass Thor!

The Dark Knight Rises!

Before and After

Raphael is my favorite. One of you will understand why.

John Carter. The movie flopped, the picture rocks.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can find earlier spotlights here and you can find all of his amazing artwork at his own site,

Remember that site,

Have you bookmarked it yet?

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