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Sneak Peek Plus! 8/26/2012

26 Aug

August 26, 2012

American Chopper returns on September 3rd but I’ll be kicking off the American Chopper Weekly Rundowns this week, in its usual Tuesday slot. And as you’ll see, they’ve dropped the Senior vs. Junior and gone back to the orignal name, American Chopper. It gives me a chance to begin reintegrating the original banner. I always liked it anyway, it’s more colorful.

What does this mean to the schedule? The summer run of Tuesday Classic Reposts has to move. Here is the new Fall Schedule.


Allan Keyes is staying chained to his desk and Monday will remain the domain of Fun With Teh Internets.



The Classic Repost becomes a floating feature generally appearing on Wednesdays but watch out! It might pop up at any time. Or not at all.


The daily dose of the absurdities of this absurd world that you’ve come to love.


The Friday Imponderable stays put.



Sunday remains Sneak Peek of the Week

And don’t forget the other recurring features, like the Late Night Movie House of Crap, Picture Postcard, and the Tepid Zombie. They can show up anytime.

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