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Dancing With The Stars September 2011. Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Worse

7 Sep

September 7, 2011

Dancing with the Stars is the most misnamed show in America. Has there ever been a real star on there? OK, so maybe Celebrity Apprentice is just as bad, but at least there is one real star on that show- Donald Trump. This show has Tom Bergeron. He’s likeable enough, and funny, but hardly a marquee draw.

 This time around Dancing with the Stars has me wondering what it takes to be a star. Case in point:

Chaz Bono

The former Chastity Bono, he (which is how she wants to be known) is a star for two reasons. Famous parents and a sex change operation. That’s it. I have nothing against Chaz, nor do I have anything against a transgender competitor. But what has Chaz done on his own to make him a star? Nothing that I can tell. But I do think Chaz is more of a “star” than the next dancer.

Rob Kardashian

Who? Who? Who? Does anyone have any idea who this guy is? We know the Kardashian sisters. There’s Kim, the sexy one, there’s Kourtney, the cute one, and then there’s Khloe, who for some reason no one wants to admit is big and thick. (Not that is necessarily bad, look at Jordin Sparks, very attractive.) Khloe is easily the least attractive sister. And I’ll go there- in some pictures she is just ugly. And now there is this Rob guy, who is supposed to be their brother. Who cares? His parents didn’t even care enough to give a name that starts with a “K.” Either that or they were too stupid to think of Kevin, and if you’ve seen their show that may be true.


Hope Solo

She is a major athlete. Seriously, she is! Oh, I see the problem, she is on the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. That’s why you don’t know her. No offense, but the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team is lower profile than the WNBA, and I am not even sure that still exists.

Popular Solos

Elisabetta Canalis

I’ll let the internet handle this:

She may be tabloid fodder for being George Clooney’s ex, but the gorgeous model-actress is a famous TV and film personality in her native Italy.

Wait a minute, is this the Italian version of Dancing with the Stars? Nope. So I guess she is here because of this:

And now take a good look at this.

J.R. Martinez

This is the man I am rooting for.

He didn’t always look this way.

From wiki: Jose Rene Martinez (born June 14, 1983) is an American actor, motivational speaker and retired U.S. Army. In 2003, J.R. experienced severe burns to over 40 percent of his body while serving as a United States Army infantryman in Iraq. After a long and difficult recovery, J.R. spends his time traveling the country extensively in his role as a spokesman and motivational speaker. J.R. has played the role of Brot Monroe in ABC’s daytime drama All My Children since November 7, 2008.

Think about it. After all he went through he went into acting. Acting. The Most Superficial, Appearance Driven, Only Based On Looks Career There Is. THAT takes courage.

And they had the nerve to put George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend on the same show and call them both “Stars.” Screw them.

Carson Kressley

Probably the first person on this list who can lay legitimate claim to being a star, albeit a totally annoying one. He was the Queer Eye For The Straight Guy guy that nobody liked regardless of sexuality. So I guess we owe him a debt of thanks. He showed the world that it is OK to hate a gay man as long as you hate him for his jerkiness and not his homosexuality.

Kristin Cavallari

Another one I had to look up. Here is all you need to know.

Chynna Phillips

Sort of the anti-Chaz Bono, Chynna has a famous pedigree but made a name for herself with the group Wilson Phillips and some acting.

This is how we remember her. Keep this image in mind when you see her on TV now.

Nancy Grace

Because nothing screams poise and elegance like Nancy Grace.


Ricki Lake

I really want to say something bad about her but I can’t. The worst I can say is that is that she embodies the old saying “jack of all trades, master of none.” She does some acting but isn’t that great an actress, she had a long running talk show but it wasn’t a tough job, it was closer to Jerry Springer than Oprah, and she has done a little game show hosting and producing. I know I said I couldn’t say anything bad about her but I guess I could say mediocre things. But at any rate, I like her. I’m just not sure why.

David Arquette

Arguably the biggest name here, and winning that argument is no big accomplishment, he is best known for being dumped by Courtney Cox, but to some of us, he is best known as THE WORST WCW CHAMPION EVER.

Yes, this is real. He was a WCW Wrestler.

Ron Artest

He’s a basketball player and I am not a basketball fan. However, I do know that he is changing his name to Metta World Peace, an odd choice considering that he was a major player in the The Malice at the Palace brawl, an altercation between the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers on November 19, 2004. It resulted in nine players being suspended without pay for a total of 146 games, which led to $10 million in salary being lost by the players. Five players were also charged with assault, and all five of them were eventually sentenced to a year on probation and community service. Five fans also faced criminal charges and were banned from attending Pistons home games for life. Artest was the most heavily fined player. He ran into the stands and attacked an innocent fan.

And there you have it. Next season, expect more stars like Mugsy Bowes, the guy who clogged the toilet at the gas station, and a random name from the Indiana phone book.

Late Night Movie House of Crap: March Madness Edition

4 Mar

March 4, 2011

Sorry NCAA fans, this is not a basketball blog. Not to stir up a hornet’s nest (but if it gives me more traffic, what the heck?) but Mr. BTR is not a basketball fan. Any sport where a typical game ends with the score 105 -101 is just too long. End it after 20 minutes and let everyone get dinner at a normal hour. And college sports are worse. There are people who are rabid college sports fans and I get it if it comes out of school pride. I don’t get it when people who didn’t even go to college, who barely got out of high school, root for college sports. Especially colleges that are halfway across the country in  a state they can barely spell, let alone locate on a map. (“It’s right next to that East Georgia, huh?”) What is the appeal? It isn’t like they are as good as the pros. But what is even worse than college basketball? The WNBA. Yes dammit, I know I’ll get mail. Go ahead- I dare you to post nasty comments and drive up site traffic and my search engine ranking! I double dare you!

Anyway, this blog is going to spotlight some of the weirder stuff I found online. Weirder than the Russ Meyer stuff from last month? Maybe, but not as sexy so cool down.

Let’s start with the Mystery Science Theater 3000 you may never have seen.

OK, there is an off-chance you might have seen one or both of those. After all, they are on American channels (even if one of them is E!), but this next one comes from the former (and soon-to-be, you just mark my words!) Soviet Union. From Russia, here is their MST3K rip- off.

After seeing that I just can’t resist this classic clip from The Simpsons.

And now for something completely different.


Mike Rowe!

I know, I know, I set you up for a Monty Python clip, but if you are already angry at me for the basketball rant I started off with then it’s too late to make friends now. Mike Rowe is the guy who narrates Deadliest Catch and about a million other shows. He also stars in Dirty Jobs where he does, well, dirty jobs, duh. Ever wanted to see a guy harvest worms? Clean out a sceptic tank? Stick his arm up a pregnant cow’s rear end? That’s the show for you. Not me, maybe you. Anyway, long before he became a smelly TV star, he worked as late night shill on QVC. Watch this clip and see just how miserable a man can be.

I’ll end this month’s edition with a clip that is just plain strange when taken out of context, and not much better when taken in context. From Bewitched, here is everyone’s favorite center square, Paul Lynde.

See you next month where, just maybe, we may actually possibly see Konga and Gorgo. I have the clips all picked out. And trust me, looking through Konga clips is a thankless task.

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