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The 2020 Fonzie Christmas Meme!

24 Dec

December 25, 2020

Ah, can you hear it? Santa’s sleigh is on the roof, and dropping down the chimney is the original Man in Red himself, Satan Santa! Yes, Jolly St. Nick is here to personally deliver this year’s 2020 Fonzie Fumetti, the All-New Fonzie Christmas Meme! Gather around, all ye faithful Mr. Blog readers! There is plenty of room around the fireplace. I’ve put out enough chairs for all four of you this year! (What’s that, Aunt Edwina? You can’t make it? I’m so sorry. And yes, I will have the chairs back around the dining room table. Yes, I’ll wipe them off. I know the basement is sooty.)


Mr. Blog continues to take the low road.

And look! Here they are, the Ghosts of Blog Christmas Past. Christmases? Christmasessisis? Whatever. You only need to know how to conjugate Christmas once a year anyway, and as a tried and true Pastafarian, I’m not worried about it.




Around here, we love this guy. And who wouldn’t! You can look girls, but don’t swoon!

Mr. Blog says: There were better pictures we could have used, but none as funny. Why the heck is The Fonz making love to his thumb?



Fonzie Eats a Can of Ravioli Over a Hot Plate. A Christmas Tradition.

22 Dec

December 22, 2018

Christmas is a time of traditions, and nothing is more of a tradition here at Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride than this Christmas episode of Happy Days. As for the Grinch among you, who think this is just an excuse for me to post a rerun, that’s simply not true. This marks the seventh time I’ve  posted this since 2010, (skipping only 20015 and 2016) and it is all because, year in and year out, this is one of my most searched and most viewed posts during the holiday season.  

All New 2018 Fonzie Christmas Meme!

From December 24, 2010

I can’t let the holiday go by without everyone’s favorite 30 year-old teenager, the Fonz, making an appearance. You can have your Frosty and your Rudolph, this is my TV yuletide.

This is a classic piece of Christmastime must-see television around my house. (I’m sure that says a lot about my house. We also love Godzilla at Thanksgiving. It’s a bit hard to fit in the oven but trust me, it tastes delicious.)  In this clip from the early days of Happy Days, everyone is getting ready for Christmas, except poor Fonzie, who has nowhere to go. This was before Fonzie moved in above the Cunningham’s and he was going to spend a lonely holiday in his garage. Watch as The Fonz sits on a greasy toolbox, heats up a can of ravioli on a hot plate, and sets out a pathetic little holiday card for company. Were the Aloha Pussycats out-of-town? Where was Paula Petralunga? And what about the Hooper triplets, Pinky Tuscadero, or a dozen loose cheerleaders? Ponder that as you watch with someone you love.

The 2017 Fonzie Christmas Meme

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