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Picture Postcard: A Kindly Face in Brooklyn

31 May

May 31 2017

No real story to this one. I was walking down a street in Bay Ridge with Saarah and this stone lion outside an apartment building caught my eye. It had an exact duplicate on the other side of the entrance. I was struck by how much it simply doesn’t resemble the typical stone lions seen outside buildings. 

stone lion

A very kindly face



That Is Not A Gay Sweater

5 Nov

November 5, 2013

The good people of Hallmark are in deep water over a Christmas ornament that just went on sale.


They’ve changed the old lyric “Don we now our gay apparel” to “”Don we now our FUN apparel!” (Insert your own Fa la la’s.) Gay groups are calling this homophobic. So let’s take a look at the sweater with the correct wording.

hallmark-controversial-ornament 2You see the problem. That ornament will open Hallmark for some obvious mocking: “That really is gay!” being the least crude. That ornament would open Hallmark up to all kinds of uncalled for (and homophobic) gay innuendo and insults and Hallmark, being a family friendly brand, wants nothing to do with that. So they replaced GAY with FUN and opened the whole can of worms themselves.

Personally, I say they should have avoided the whole issue by not making such a flamboyant and ridiculous ornament. “Don we now our gay apparel” is a time-honored phrase and is of course a legitimate object for a Christmas ornament.

But do it with some dignity, huh Hallmark?

Jeez, that is one ugly sweater.

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