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More o’ Dem Funny Words!

12 Jan


January 12, 2014

A couple of days a go I picked out a list of funny words from a much larger list of not-so-funny but allegedly funny words. It occurred to me today that a particular word was left out: Boner. Now there was a time when that was a perfectly acceptable word for screw-up or mistake but that time has passed. Boner is mostly thought of in a funny sexual context. We all know, for example, the Joker’s boner.

jokers boner 4


You can find the rest of the Joker’s Boners right here.

And now I have a couple more examples. This first one is a book illustrated by all-time classic illustrator and author Dr. Seuss.



And here are some earlier boners. The first one is really my favorite. Check the author.


“Boners. By Those Who Pulled Them.” There is no way that today there could be an innocent explanation for that. Everyone goes right to the prurient. And why not? That’s funny!

Gay is another word that has taken on a whole new context. It used to simply mean “fun,” like in the Flintstones opening.

“We’ll have a gay old time!”

So in this era of giggling and guffaws, can a book like this ever be published with a serious title as “Gay Time?’

I think not.








Late Night Movie House: Popeye TV Commercials

20 Nov

November 20, 2013

Time to get this blog back on track.

popeye lnmh

I love Popeye. The Editors and Staff of Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride love Popeye. This blog would be something very different without Popeye. Who doesn’t love Popeye? This guy.

From Wikipedia, the Wimpy of websites: In 2001, Popeye (along with Bluto, Olive, and twin Wimpys) appeared in a
television commercial for Minute Maid Orange juice. The commercial, produced by Leo Burnett Co, showed Popeye and Bluto as friends (and neglecting Olive Oyl) due to their having had Minute Maid Orange Juice that morning. The ad agency’s intention was to show that even the notable enemies would be in a good mood after their juice, but some, including Robert Knight of the Culture and Family Institute, felt the commercial’s intent was to portray the
pair in a homosexual romantic relationship—an allegation that Minute Maid denies.

Popeye, orange juice, friendship? How much more wholesome can this be? I can’t believe this could possibly be homosexual. Let’s see the evidence.


That’s just… well.

Okay, moving on, here is another Popeye commercial, this one from the long-ago days of 1983.


Three screens! WOW! The technology is AMAZING!

But to be honest, I love that game. Up until last year, I even had it on my cell phone. (Until I got tired of it, that is. After all, it only has three screens.)

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