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Today’s Historical Fact: The George Washington – JFK Feud

19 Jan

January 19, 2019

It is a historical fact that John F. Kennedy did not attend George Washington’s funeral.

Scholars have long pondered the issue. Was there a secret feud between the two? Why would President Kennedy not attend the funeral of President Washington, the Father of Our Country? The writings our our former Presidents do not reveal any clues.

The world may never know.





The Blog That Was A Decade In The Making! Part 9

9 Nov

November 9, 2011

For this final installment, while avoiding names as always, I just want to give a short overview of some of the teachers I worked with in my department at Horror High over the years.

You may recognize some of them from your own life.

There was the incompetent young guy who had no control over his class, didn’t care,  and only kept his job because the Principal left before he could fire him.

There was the computer coordinator who would only do anything for me if I pulled rank by submitting requests in writing on official letterhead with my name and title right below the Principal’s.

There was the English teacher who was a good guy and a good teacher but was happiest when he left the classroom and became the school librarian.

There was the young female teacher who only got her plum assignments because she sat on the Principal’s lap.

There was the pushy widow who had to be the boss of everything.

There was the young and attractive teacher who unfortunately carried some of her personal problems into the classroom.

There was the young female teacher who was a great person but was too sensitive and needed to toughen up.

There was the tough teacher who eventually became a Dean and later AP of security.

There was the old woman who was near retirement but should have left years ago.

There was the old woman who was near retirement but we desperately needed her to stay. She was good.

There was the a-hole male teacher who did as little work as possible during Regents week

There was the hippie girl who every student liked because she was as bad as they were.

There was the musician who everyone liked. He also slept in a locked room in the school until he was found out.

There was the overbearing teacher who was always loud, everywhere.

There was the really good teacher (and my first friend in the building) who left when she became pregnant and never returned.

There was the good, young teacher who left (and left a void in the department) when she got married and eventually moved out of state. We needed her.

There was the Assistant Principal’s sister.

There was the guy who was involved in the union only so he could have a couple of periods free of teaching.

There was the Social Studies teacher who was teaching out of license in the English Department but had to be kept in the department because she fit a certain demographic.

There were others who came and went, not staying long, not making an impression.

And then there was me.

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