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This Is The Week That Was

9 Mar

March 9, 2014

This was an  interesting week. After insulting an old man on Monday, the rest of the week alternated between Allan Keyes’ March Madness Very Special episode sitcom event, and me yelling about hipsters. You can access all these posts from the sidebar on the right. And in honor of both Allan Keyes and hipsters, here is Fat Guy Eating a Cheeseburger, Hipster Edition.

fat-guy-porkpie hipster

  • Porkpie hat? Check
  • Monocle? Check
  • Beard (with implants)? Check
  • Plaid shirt? Check
  • Bad Mr. BTR Photoshop? Check

The next round of the March Madness event is ready to go, and it only gets better from here.  See you next week.

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