Sneak Peek of the Week of July 14th, 2013

14 Jul

July 14, 2013


I found that illustration on the site of a very small but apparently legitimate educational institution. It is designed to illustrate self-control, which I have to admit it does, but it is one of the freakiest things I have ever seen. Whoever drew that monstrosity has nothing to proud of and should have used some self-control himself.

Meanwhile, back at, The Home of Psychological Harmony, we have a whole week of stuff that demonstrates that we have no self-control either. Allan Keyes will dust off Dusty Springfield and he’ll critique a classic TV theme song. I will critique one of the stranger Mexican restaurants (I think) I have ever eaten in. We will also examine the case of a man with a lawsuit. What is his suit about? You will not believe me, but the case is destined to make to say “what the heck?” All this, an NBA star gets poked on the nose by a space alien, and more, at See ya!

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