Imponderable #77: Port St. Lucie Florida

18 Jan

January 18, 2012


Policemen often save lives. They are trained to stop the bad guys and rescue little children. Then there are the days when some guy pulls down his pants and you have to look at a rash on his balls.

I am an avid viewer of old cop shows, specifically Dragnet and Adam-12, and I never saw Friday and Gannon or Reed and Molloy deal with a situation like this.

Uninspiring as that story is, I think it is a fine example of good police work. If it were me I would have given him the ticket and told him to show it to the judge. But rather than pass the buck, this officer did his rather repulsive duty and did the right thing, so good for him. Of course, I can only imagine the ribbing the other cops gave him back at the station.

But wow, what’s up with the rash guy? If I had a rash that bad that I could not stop scratching I’d have it slathered in ointment, cream, anti-itch powder, whatever the drugstore had. And if it were on my balls? No way would I just drive around with it.

I hate even thinking about it because it just puts disgusting images in my head of how bad this rash must have looked if the officer immediately gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Blech, I’m shivering. Those testicles must have looked like raw meat.

What the heck was wrong with that guy’s balls?

The question is grossly Imponderable.

One Response to “Imponderable #77: Port St. Lucie Florida”

  1. zathra January 18, 2013 at 4:41 am #

    I’d rather see pictures of 2 rather masculine, hirsute lesbians kissing in public.
    That is all.


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