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Sneak Peek of the Week of January 13th, 2013

13 Jan

January 13, 2013


I was doing some random google searches and that came up under “fat ninja.” We have a winner!

It will be a winning week at too.
On Monday Allan Keyes looks at memes. Think The Fat Guy will show up? (Yes, he will.)
Tuesday through Thursday is a Smelly People Triple Play. Three days of Eddie antics with a brief Marvin Ming cameo.
Friday’s Imponderable is about testicles and an unlucky policeman.
Saturday’s Treasure Chest of Terrible toys inducts another Hall of Fame losing toy, and it is debatable if it is even a toy at all.

It’ll be a winning week, just like that guy at the top of the page, but much, much better.

Anyone else think he is trying to be a Ninja Turtle?


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