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Picture Postcard: Turtle Jailbreak

30 Jan

January 30, 2013

Saarah and I were in Petco last week looking to buy a filter for her turtle tank. What is a turtle tank? It is EXACTLY the same as a fish tank except that A- it contains a turtle instead of fish and B- it stinks to high heaven because it turns out that her turtle may be the smelliest reptile on Earth. But while the tanks may be the same, the filters are not. Turtle tanks require stronger, bigger filters.

Just as an aside, the Petco by us had only one turtle filter left, and the box it was in appeared to have been sat on by an elephant. The filter inside seemed ok who knows? Long story short, Saarah got a 10% discount.

While she was shopping I was looking at all the animals. I am easily distracted and spent a lot longer than you would expect looking at the birds. Eventually I got over to the turtles and, not having my cell phone or a camera, asked Saarah to snap this picture:

turtle jailbreak

I’ve cropped it for you at the end of this post.

While it was around 15 degress outside, inside the store it was comfortable but it must have been cold for the animals because I saw many of the reptiles huddled together. These turtles had fromed a pyramid and the one on top kept stretching up to get to the top of the tank, looking for all the world like he was trying to escape. Where did he plan to go? I have no idea, but the next aisle over had hamsters and guinea pigs so those furry critters might be just the fur coats these turtles were looking for.

turtle jailbreakCROP

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