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The Astounding Blogger of the Year Award

2 Jan

January 2, 2013

Over the course of 2012, it has been the honor of the Editors and Staff of Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride to receive a great many awards and nominations for a variety of blogging awards, some of which you see published below. And we are especially grateful to have been nominated more than once for each of these awards. I am now a multiple Versatile Blogger Award-winning blogger, as well as a multiply Inspiring Blogger and even a double Blogger of the Year.


very insp

And so forth and so on, yadda yadda yadda. These are all pretty harmless, if somewhat silly. There is no real award, there are just people who make up “awards” and give them to their friends who make up awards and give them to their friends who gave them awards in the first place. Let’s say what they really are- ploys to drive up traffic, since each comes with a silly set of rules requiring the “winners” to answer 5 to 10 silly questions about themselves (“When did you first begin blogging?” “Which flowers bloom in your imagination?”) and then pass the “award” on to 10 or 12 other bloggers, who pass it on the 10 or 12 more, etc  etc etc.

It is the blogging version of a chain letter.

But they are really no big deal and they make people happy and if someone wants me to be the Motivation Blogger Award winner, than far be it from me to complain. But to foist this on 10 other unsuspecting bloggers and make them slough it off to another 10, each of whom has to answer a set of ridiculous questions is not something I want to be a part of. There is enough unwanted spam in the world.

So it is in this spirit, or perhaps in direct contraction of it, that I announce that Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride at, Your Daily Dose of the Absurdities of This Absurd World, has both created and awarded to itself as the first recipient, the Astounding Blogger of the Year Award.

Thank you, thank you, please be seated. I am humbled by your applause, and your standing ovation? Well deserved, I admit.

What makes this award special is that every time you are nominated, you are entitled to another Whitman Mayo. As you can see, I have been nominated nine times. And even better, I have twice been decorated with the Golden Crown Whitman Mayo. Truly, none have been so honored since the dawn of time.

This award represents the pinnacle of the blogging arts.

As a condition of the award, the winner of the Astounding Blogger Award promises not to foist it upon any other person or site.

However, that shouldn’t stop you.

Pick five sites that you feel deserve this made-up award and post a link to this very page so that they may claim their award and proudly display it on their site. But there’s a catch! Each “winner” must answer the questions below and post them on their site.

1- How does Cthulhu affect your everyday life?

2- Who would win in a fight- Kirk or Picard?

3- Which flowers bloom in your imagination?

4- You see that thing last night? What’s up with that?

5- Do you really want to live in world where men wear meggings?

That’s it. Simple, right? So go on out and pick five sites that you feel embody the history and the majesty of the Astounding Blogger Award and give them the honor of this prestigious decoration.

As for me, I’m off to write my acceptance speech for Cattle Rustler Blogger of the Year.

Blank Award:


Whitman Mayo:

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Gold Crown Mayo:

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