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The Saturday Comics: Alley Oop (2012)

7 Jul

July 7, 2012

The last time I checked in on Alley Oop I was convinced that he was ripping me off and I still stand by that ridiculous and utterly indefensible position. Check for yourself, I have complete proof that I came up with the concept of Caveman Astronaut long before it appeared in print. CLICK HERE TO SEE PROOF PERFECT THAT I AM THE CREATIVE FORCE HERE.

Meanwhile, let’s see what the poseur is up to now:

What the??? I will never complain about a slow-moving strip again. (Not until next week when I check in on Apt. 3G again. That strip is just plain weird. Come back next week, you’ll see.)

Sooo, what is going on here? “Home planet?” Isn’t it enough that these strangely hairless cavemen are wandering around the 21st Century (with 21st Century relationship issues) without dragging aliens into it too? And just when I got to the point of wondering when they would Wonmug or get off the pot, some other storyline in some other place and what I am assuming some other time starts up.

What the?

While I do understand that some readers have been with Alley Oop for years and we have popped into the middle of an ongoing story, but I also feel that there needs to be some accessibility for new readers.

Alley Oop? See you next year. 

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