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The Saturday Comics: Apt. 3G (2012)

14 Jul

July 14, 2012

Last year I peeped in the window of Apt 3G, a comic strip that seemed to be written by an aging baby boomer trying to be hip.  And this year?

Ok, this is indefensible. Many strips run a storyline that continues only on Sundays, one that is distinct from the weekday continuity. Other times the Sunday strip continues the weekday storyline. Either way is fine by me. In fact, I think I prefer the separate Sunday storylines. But Apt. 3G does the worst thing possible. While the Sunday strip is the same storyline as the weekday strip, it does not advance the story. It covers THE SAME GROUND as the weekday run. So you can read it on Sunday only, or weekdays only, and not miss a thing. In fact, the argument can be made that the Sunday strip is the way to go since the weekday run stretched what the Sunday covers in one day into five days worth of comics.  Looked at that way the weekday comics are a waste of time. On the other hand the Sunday strip could be a waste of time if you like the daily pace better. But to do the same thing? Uunforgivable.

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