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Imponderable #5: Lancashire England

21 Jul

July 21, 2011

Most people who find themselves in a bad marriage either want to fix it or end it. A spouse asking for a divorce is either a relief or a cause for sorrow. Then there is this guy, who loved his wife so much that he would rather kill her than divorce her.

I am failing to see the upside here.

Nowhere is there an indication that he wanted to kill her to keep his assets. If that was his intention, the clumsy setup virtually assured he would never get away with it. Even if he killed his wife, then carefully disconnected everything and hid all signs of foul play, how did this guy plan to explain his wife’s condition? Toaster accidentally fall into the bathtub?

So we have a bad marriage and a man unable to cope with it. Apparently the man saw only two options.

Option One: Divorce. Unacceptable.
Option Two: Murder. Acceptable.

Does this man believe in the sanctity of marriage to such an extent that he is willing to kill to defend it?

Is it better to be a jailed murderer than a free divorced man?

The question is Imponderable.

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