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Imponderable #10: London England

29 Jul

July 29, 2011

Does the old saying go that life imitates art, or art imitates life? Either way, what is the point of this? 

People read this and say “wow, that’s art!” I read this and say “what a weirdo.”

“Art” is a catchall for anything nowadays, and if something is “art” we are supposed to accept it. Why?

This a guy who stretches out on the sidewalk and paints filthy pieces of gum stuck to the cement. But because it is art it gets celebrated! Celebrate it? Sorry, this is stupid. How does this not get made fun of? If the guy has talent, and from some pictures I’ve seen he can paint, though certainly not Matisse level, let him paint on something other than sticky trash.

Remember the guy who implanted a camera in his head, and later developed a raging infection? That was beyond stupid, but because he called it art no one told him what him an ass he was. They lauded him. Once you call the most asinine thing “art” for some reason people are not allowed to make fun of it. Surgically implant spikes into your skull? Art! Slice your tongue like a snake’s? Art! Make statues out of excrement? Art!

No, that statue is literally a pile of shit.

I am all for art. I have no problem with freedom of expression. But if someone chooses to paint on dirty pieces of gum stuck to the ground, then I have the freedom of expression to say he is a weirdo.

Why would a talented artist choose to paint on disgusting pieces of spit-out gum?

The question ins Imponderable.

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