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Who Reads Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride?

18 Jul

July 18, 2010



“I like to read Misses Blog at the library before they kick me out. I like to see the boobies on Erin Andrews. I used to pilot a UFO.”

Peter Fong

“Mister Blog reads like a litany of man’s inhumanity against man, in the dystopian tradition. It is a satire on the neo-classical form. I read it on my laptop during lunch because no one will sit next to me.”

Lucille Goldberg

Lucille Goldberg

“We read the Tepid Ride while we are on the throne.”


“OMG! It is like THE BEST dating site out there! IMHO I will NVR! find a better place to meet guys! I am 35 yrs old, nvr married, and have a collection of medieval clothing you MUST SEE TO BELIEVE! I love the beach (DUH!) and PRAYER to my own GOD. True believers and non-smokers only, plz.”

The Master

Torgo says: “The Master is never displeased wth Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride. The Master says that Mr. Blog is his gateway to world dominion. Torgo logs on for The Master everyday so he will not be punished.”

Doctor Nadir

“The lucky ones are dead. All other Earthlings will be subjected to our Martian Mr. Blog camps where they will be forced to read Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride until they writhe in agony, hee hee HEE!”


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